Week 13: Planet of the Babies

It's week 13, and the little alien is 3 inches long and weighs just over an ounce. This week there are some cool new developments.

1. vocal chords: the better to hear you with my sweet, the baby is developing vocal chords, good thing they don't work in water cause I'd lose it if I could hear him/her making sounds inside of me. (creepy) But it also has an identifiable chin and nose, although they have not fully developed. It's head is now about half the size of the rest of it's body and for the next 27 week it will grow much more slowly then the rest of the body which will put on about a pound and a half during the next 13 weeks.

2. Finger prints: the formerly unidentifiable little sea monkey now has distinguishing features, even if they are only on it's hands. Sadly he or she could no longer rob a bank without latex gloves. (Well, Grand Larson might be a bit of a stretch for a fetus.) 

3. Fuzz: Little ninja #3 is soon going to be covered in a very fine hair called "lanugo". This hair is used to insulate the baby's body, which has very little fat at this point, and keep it warm. On a typical newborn, lanugo falls off during the 7th-8th month when the layers of fat are just about all there and the baby is prepared to regulate it's body heat. (Gross-ness of the day: Why doesn't the amniotic fluid come out full of hair? Because the lanugo is ingested by the unborn child and contributes to the first tarry poo that sticks to everything like "The Stuff" ) 
Can't Get Enough

This week is the official last week of the first trimester. Yay!

I'm still waiting for those feel good, tons of energy hormones to begin flooding through my system. Until they do I'm going to keep up the walking and light weight training. I'm going to see the doc next week and I'm dreading stepping on that lying crack junkie of a scale. But I'll get to pee in a cup, have my belly poked and hear the baby's heartbeat. (joy)


Amanda said...

Ummm gross!!! Baby injested its own hair to creatr tarr poop. I learned something today!

Amanda said...

You know, it took me nearly 13 years to start wearing white again after I had my kids. I just realized that.

Total brain-blip, but I figured I'd toss it in there :)

Miss April said...

Have you heard that if you have frequent and painful heartburn during pregnancy it means your baby will be born with more hair? It has tested to be true in every pregnant person I know. No heartburn = very little fuzz. Wicked heartburn = a full head of thick hair!

The Ninja said...

I have heard that, sadly in my case it was not true, I had awful heartburn with both my girls and Hannah was bald until she was almost two.

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