&%*#@ Google Reader!

Not sure why but for about two weeks Google reader has been wonky and not updating my posts properly. I believe the issue may have fixed itself. Gah! Why can't the technology work right???

Moving on.

This weekend is my last free saturday for the next 6 weeks. I will be teaching classes every saturday from 9am to 12pm. I am teaching adults with developmental disabilities about world cultures with an emphasis on traditional fairytales and local mythology. It should be a fun class and a good time researching. I usually come up with a food item from the country and serve it to the students so they can experience more of the culture.(Plus, I get paid 25 dollars an hour to teach it, which doesn't suck, at all)

 I've finally convinced Jeeves that getting the house in order before the holidays/baby/winter hits would be a good plan so each Saturday we are tackling a different thing. Should turn out well, since I tend to be less distracted if someone is working with me. Tomorrow we will be working on the den and getting my mini fridge moved in to my new office at work. I'll need it when I'm nursing since I'll be pumping a few times a day and will need a place to store my breast-milk that won't freak out the rest of the floor.

Happy Weekend all!

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Ana said...

Mine has been acting up as well. Not cool!

Awesomeoness on the next six weekends! I hope it goes smooth and easy for you, and then you can kick back and let your preggo tush enjoy a Saturday after it's all done :)

Isn't it funny how breast milk kind of freaks people out? Goodness, I produced the stuff and it freaked me out! But now that Huck Finn is no longer breast feeding, I kind of miss it...freaky-ness and all.

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