A tale of two funnies

1. Today Pumpkin was being irritating and I gave her the "mom look."
She gasped and ran away. I think that means it works, because she didn't ask me for a "pot start" again (that's pop tart for those who might be confused.)

2. Earlier I told Sunshine that I had a headache. She asked what a headache was, so I said it was a boo-boo in my head. (yeah I said boo-boo, deal with it) She looked puzzled and said, "Is a headache these lines on your head?" indicating my frown lines on my forehead. My three year old called me out for having wrinkles.

Happy Labor Day!


Mrs. D said...

That is so cute!!! My son has called me out before.. he patted my behind when I bent over and told me my butt was huge! Gotta love the brutal honesty!

Julie said...

I have been enjoying reading all your posts. I love the baby story. Your wee ones is such a doll, I love it.
Take care and keep them coming. Blessings my friend.

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