Pain in the A$$

So the second trimester looms, begining tomorrow with it's mythical mix of "feel good hormones" and "increased libido" (who are these people kidding) However the Sciatica is here to stay. Yesterday was a busy day, The munches, Mutti and I started with church at 8am, the bible study, shopping at The Walmart, lunch at Apple bee's, shopping at the grocery store, then I had an afternoon of house cleaning, crap fleecing and laundry. By the time 10pm rolled around I could barely limp to bed and the extreme pain wrapping itself from my right lower back (read: upper butt) all the way down to my foot was so awful that I felt like I had developed restless leg syndrome. I think I over did it. However, my house is clean, I have another truckload of crap for the goodwill and tonight I only need to fold and put away Munch clothes to have completely completed my task list for the week. (score!)

I was going to run on the treadmill today but since I can't walk properly I've decided to do the elliptical instead. I feel like jogging could create a situation that has me comically face planting on the treadmill. However, the weather has turned lovely in Missouri (Thank you Jesus) and running outside is now an option. So beginning on Wednesday, the next planned day of lovely, I have plans to head out around my neighborhood, jogging when I can and enjoying the brisk morning air when the entire lower right side of my body begins to scream in agony.
So to avoid being one of these guys,
I'm going to stay off the treadmill for the next few months.
Hope you got a laugh, Happy Monday!

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