I finished the munches Halloween costumes this weekend, they are going to be dinosaurs. So I figured I would share some photos.
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1 017

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And to make the munches day I am going to dress up too Mommy-saurus is in the making, as is Jeeves-o-saurus. It will be fun for the munchkins to see mommy and daddy dressed up. Halloween has got to be one of favorite holidays, its not the candy, which as a lard-ass would be the obvious reason. Its the season, the chilly air that always seems to smell like firewood, the constant threat of rain, the dappled sun through the changing leaves on the trees, the whole time of year just entrances me. Plus I get to flex my creative Mommy muscles and hand make costumes.

    I read somewhere that the best way to raise confident happy women is to let them see their mother being silly and having fun. If that is true, my girls are going to take over the world, I have got to be the goofiest person I know.

   I have decided that the Travel channel is a good appetite suppressant.  Bizarre Foods and No Reservations specifically. The massive amounts of grease on one and vomit inducing cuisine or the other make me think of eating with the same eagerness I feel about going to the dentist, yick!


Anonymous said...

Those costumes are so cute. Good for you for letting them play around with them before Halloween. It's a good idea, since they only get to wear them once really. I love parents that dress up with their kids. The kids have such a blast and the parents do too. Good Mommy!

The Ninja said...

Thanks, so much. I want more than anything to be the best mommy I can be.

Ruth said...

hey Kudos on your recently realized goals (readers and bike)! Excellent!--and cuuute halloween outfits. Can't wait to see you at your weight loss goal! how exiting.

Mickie Mueller Art said...
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Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

LOL, I was signed in as my mom, helping her with her blog and I forgot about it. When I left my comment, it didn't make sense since I was logged in under her name! *i'm a dork!* Anyways, I was going to say:
awww, I LOVE them, Nel!! I think the little feet are my favorite part! I agree, my mom always dressed up for Halloween and acted goofy and we loved it!

The Ninja said...

I'm so glad you like them, If you want one for Livvie, they are so easy to make I took pictures of the whole process and put them on face book.

Randy said...

Great costumes! Kids love Halloween and I remember my younger days walking around the neighborhood with my pillowcase on a mission to fill it completely with candy.. good times!!
I *love* the No Reservations show! Anthony Bourdain has the best job in the world and I'm pretty jealous about it! ;) I especially enjoy when he eats something he obviously hates but doesn't want to offend his guests (like the warthog rectum he sampled in Namibia)... great show! You'd probably also like Man vs. Food, right?

The Ninja said...

I LOVE MVF!!!, I want to be his cute chick sidekick, except I think maybe I'm too old and not cute enough. But I can always dream right?

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