155 BPM

Mutti was with me this morning when I got to hear the first sounds from my baby. It's little heart, racing like mad but very steady and so amazing. There is a heart, the size of a caper, beating away in there and before I'm ready (but at the same time, not soon enough) that little heart is gonna be out here in the world. Sadly I clocked in at 190 at the doctor's office today. Not okay. So not okay that I am having a slight panic attack.

Pregnant me is a little freaked, but smart, diet-savvy me knows a few things.

1. My fluids have been off and my sodium intake has been high so I'm bloated, like a lot.
2. I am having high-iron, pregnancy-related constipation
3. I drank a crap ton of water (almost 32 ounces) before my appointment because I knew I'd have to pee in a cup.
4. My home scale read 185 this morning, and that is the one I have been using for over a year, it's a good scale, and it reads exactly the same as the one at work, so I know they both aren't lying to the same beat.
5. My size 14 non-maternity pants still button and zip, they are a little uncomfortable, baby bump doesn't like them, but they fit everywhere else and that's okay.
6. I have gained a full cup size in the last 14 weeks, that's gotta account for a pound or two. (o)(o)

This does not, I repeat, not negate the fact that I have been eating poorly the past few weeks. I slipped and fell into a big puddle of "I'm pregnant and the baby needs nachos" no more dear readers, no more.

The fridge is basically empty which is a really good place to start, tomorrow is payday and there is going to be an influx of good foods and a total reversal of habits happening over the next five weeks. I can make it through pregnancy without gaining a crap ton of weight and I can be accountable for what I decide to put in my face, I've done it before and I'm gonna keep doing it.

Hopefully in the coming weeks, I'll have good news for you. I talked with the Doc today and she says I can not go below 1800 calories, but I'm a smart girl, I can figure out a way to make those count. I'm not going to lay out my big plans because to be truthful, the proof is in the pudding, or lack thereof. If it works, I'll tell you what I did. I will however, give you a few hints: cooking, prayers, fiber, water, walking, and sleep. (it's a total life thing, there isn't ever just one answer to it all)

FYI: The doc is perfectly happy with my weight and says that I'm doing well. I know I am supposed to gain weight because I'm growing a human, however this is not about the number on the scale. This is about being healthy and making sure that after this baby makes it's grand debut I'm in a good place to resume my plans for another Mud Run, a rash of 10K's and being a fun, healthy mommy for the munches.


Anonymous said...

Don't beat yourself up too much about your weight. As long as you're (mostly) eating healthy, you're doing what you can to take care of yourself and the baby. From what I hear, if you just gain the weight you're "supposed" to when you're pregnant, it's not too hard to lose once you have the baby.

Of course, that may be something they just tell women so they'll keep getting pregnant... :)


The Ninja said...

hehehehe you posted that twice, funny stuff. Thanks Aims, but you'll see when we get together I look like a damned whale. It's embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Sweetheart, you may feel like a whale, but I'm sure you don't look like one. Besides, you're growing a baby inside of you, which is like a freaking miracle, and miracles are always beautiful.

als said...

I agree - growing a new human being IS a freaking miracle. You're doing great! Just focus on making healthy choices for the both of you, and if the nachos win once in a while, forgive yourself - you're doing something amazing. Congratulations!!! :D

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