Bad Buffet, Bad!

Weekend Re-cap

Friday Erin called me and asked if the girls and I wanted to go down to the city to watch them inflate some hot hair balloons and see a fireworks display. We stopped at Imo's for a quick dinner and also because Subway had not bathroom due to missing keys? (seemed suspect to me) We ended up getting there after they had inflated the balloons but we did get to see them lit up in the night and also see several of them brought down, which was fun to watch. Both the girls did wonderfully, and even made it through the fireworks without any major freakouts. I bought them both a light up wand with a butterfly on the end of it, which turned out to be helpful on the trek back to the car,which was over the river and through the dark woods. 

Saturday I got up at 6 to be ready to teach at 9 (more on procrastination later) and after my classes ended at 12, I went home, bathed the munches and then we went to a family reunion for Jeeves' Father's family. Afterwards we went to Walmart for groceries and a Subway sandwich (oven crisp chicken with onions, spinach, provelone and marinara, trust me, just put it in your face) After shopping and running and everything else, I was whooped. Jeeves left to go help a friend with some thing time consuming and not fun so the girls and I watched Alice in Wonderland and then went to bed, a little too late.

Sunday, after church and Sunday school; Mutti and the Munches and I went out to a new place. It was billed as a "Breakfast Brunch" and it was both stupidly expensive and also really awful. Nearly all of the food I put on my plate was a bizarre fancy-pants version of real, good, actual breakfast foods and I'm pretty sure I got a low level food poisoning from some salmon that was hiding in the "dill-ified" hollandaise on a serving of pseudo Eggs Benedict. Afterwards, I went home and enforced a nap-time, because the lack of decent food and miniscule amount of sleep we'd had the night before had translated into everyone being in a really, really bad mood. Three and a half hours later we all woke up and I felt like I was dying. My stomach was all sorts of upset with me, and it didn't let up for hours. I skipped dinner, and ate some saltines to calm the storm (but did not let Pumpkin dip them in my water cup :0) that one's for you Erin!)

I've never been so glad to see Monday on a calendar in my life. Tonight the ninja family is going to Mutti's for dinner and game night with my little brother and his family. I think we are playing a domino game and eating italian food, should be a really good night.

Happy Monday, How was your weekend?


Amanda said...

you must be feeling better if you did ALL that this weekend! Sorry the buffet was a bust!

My weekend was busy but so much fun!

The Ninja said...

Yep, feeling much more energy, it still runs out earlier in the day than before, but it's much better.

We found a new brunch place for next Sunday, it comes highly recommended and has a much more wallet friendly price tag.

Amanda said...

We kind of bailed on our Forced March on Saturday. Oh, we did half an hour... but I was crabby, the younger son was cranky, the elder was being an almost-teenager.

MUCH safer for me at home. I left them to their own devices, and I bonded with the treadmill.

Oh, and I made a new chicken recipe, which didn't suck. That was awesome.

Losing It said...

Nothing worse than paying for expensive, crappy food. I feel ya :(

Hope you are doing tons better today.

Ana said...

Aw sweetie! Nothing like feeling sicker than normal while preggo :( I hope you're feeling aces better now. And I am so with Roxie...there is nothing worse than paying for crappy spendy food!

I hope this week finds you sitting pretty with butt loads more energy-second trimester happiness to you!!

Julie said...

YEAH for you, you're doing so awesome. Sorry you didn't do well with brunch, glad that's over and not another visit for a long time. Our weekend was good minus me getting hurt but I'll live and heal. Take care and have a blessed week.

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