Poor Munches

We recently notified the Munches that they were -both- going to be big sisters pretty soon. We told them that they were going to have a new little brother or sister sometime after Christmas and that Mommy has "a baby in her tummy" (look, I know that it's not really accurate but I think 3 and 5 is a bit young for the truth on this particular thing.)

Since that day, about a week ago, Pumpkin has had several thing to say about the impending addition.
1. Mommy, We don't need another baby. (Who does kid, who does?)
2. Mommy how does the baby come out of your tummy?(I told her the doctor gets it out, not true, I do all the work but again, they're not going to get it)
3. Hey (everyone in the world) Mommy has a baby in her tummy. (This is actually alright, it helps with the "is she just gaining back her weight" issue)
4. Mommy, I don't really like babies...(yeah, well neither did I till you came along, so hush!)
5. Well, that baby better not take all my toys...(I'm going to take them well before it gets here if you don't keep them off the floor of the den, worry about that kid.)

She's definitely got an opinion about this. The funniest thing is that every once in while they will just sort of stand there and look at my midsection like they expect a re-enactment of the alien birth scene. There is a fair amount of poking, and they keep asking is my navel piercing has something to do with the baby, I guess they don't realize that it's been there since before they were born, and they've commented on it for years. ("Why is that thing there Mommy?" Cause Mommy had a rebellious side and a father who indulged her, you can have one when you are 16 and can pay for it yourself.) I'm looking forward to the 7th month when you can see the baby moving around, they're gonna flip!

Since the munches must believe that Mommy doubles as a jungle gym, I've had several (knock the wind out of me) painful experiences where their sharp little elbows have impacted my really sore and horribly tender infant feeding apparatus and I've ended up writhing around on the floor while they look at me like I've become possessed.They keep trying to kiss it and make it better, how do you explain that you really appreciate it, but kissing it better really only works on people who still believe in the tooth fairy. Also, allowing a five year old to kiss your boob seems a little wrong, however innocent it may be. Their typically active fun Mommy is laying around on the sofa, trying to not barf and telling them to go drink out of the toilet if they are "phirsty" and that just for today Pop-tarts are totally a dinner option. 

My Poor munches, this trimester better let up soon...


Kelly said...

That is soooo funny! If I were able to have anymore I'm sure my two would have some sort of revolt!

And dude, one of the worst parts about my pregnancy was my freaking boobs. The pain is still fresh and that's been 11 years ago!

Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

They're nervous now but they'll soon change their tune after the baby arrives. Just look how excited they are about Rhys drooling and babbling. It will be EXTRA cool when they have a little baby of their own!!

Amanda said...

lol~ kids are fantastic! You poor thing! I briefly remember the sore boobs during my first pregnancy.
Never known anything like it before!

Can't wait to hear when the baby starts moving. You might have to record it for us!

Amanda said...

I remember when I was expecting the Gum Zombie, the Elder (then Only) came up to me and asked, "So, Mommy, how does the baby eat?"

I explained that the baby ate kind of what I did, just through a little tube. The Elder figured this meant there was a direct line from Mommy's mouth to his incoming baby brother, and without further ado he put his hands on the top and bottom of my jaw, opened my mouth (he's not shy) and shouted down my throat, "Hello, Baby!!!!"

He hates that story. Hee :)

Laura Belle said...

Ah, you make me giggle.

But I'm really sorry you feel like a big pile of donkey poo!

I'll be sending 'happy feeling' thoughts your way!!

Anonymous said...

Very funny post, poor kid having to accept another toy stealer into the mix. ;)

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