Ninja Trump

Yesterday I had to fire someone. It was not cool like when it happens on The Apprentice. I actually had to tell a woman that she had to find a new place to earn her livelihood. It was terrifying, and my stomach has still not recovered.

But, I did it. It was hard but it's part of my job and I did my job. I don't think it'll ever be easy, which is probably good, I'd have to be soul-less to think it's okay to fire someone.

However, this girl did help me out a little. Her bad attitude and snippity non-sense made it just a little harder to feel sorry for her.   

Baby #3 is growing and, according to Baby Center, it's the size of a grape this week and has elbows. Whoopty! I'm going to the doc on Thursday and if I get an ultrasound I'll post some pictures here.I doubt they'll give me an ultrasound though, I'll be close enough to ten weeks I bet they can hear the heartbeat! Won't that be exciting!


Brittany said...

elbows?! Cuuuuuute!!!! Pj and I cal those "el bones" LOL!

Ana said...

I'm sorry you had to fire someone :( That would be hard :(

Ohh ohh ohh! Does your doctor's office have little ultrasound unit in the room? It never hurts to ask your doctor for a little sneak peek at Baby Ninja ;) I begged my doctor on my mom's birthday if she could snap a quick one, and she did. Best gift I could give my mom :)

Laura Belle said...

I had to fire a pierced up, tattooed nazi one time. It did not go well.

Anything better than that situation has been a plus.

Yeah for the grape! And the heartbeat noises!

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