Barfy Pumpkin, Birthday Fail

So On Friday last week Pumpkin woke up with a headache and after laying around fussing for a bit we heard the unmistakable and shudder inducing sound of toddler vomit. She basically coated the entire love seat, which was awesome. She was very upset about it, and freaked out when I made her get in the shower, kept saying, "but Mommy, I'm not dirty"
"You have bits of dinner stuck in your hair, it's gross, get in the tub"
I ended up staying home from work and fearing a stomach virus I postponed her birthday celebration. I figured the other mothers would lynch me if I sent their kids home with the Vesuvius bug.
Gah! It was so gross, but she ended up only having a light fever for the rest of the day and then was fine the next day, better safe than sorry I guess.
So her birthday party will be next week, I have to say, I don't mind having the extra week to prepare. It'll be nice to be less rushed next saturday.
So, I've got a busy day on the docket, lots of work to do, so I'm not going to blather on here. I ate too much this weekend, but I'm back on track today, and feeling much less barfy myself, Yay!


Amanda said...


poor baby though!

Anonymous said...

Kids are so fun.... welcome to being back on track!

Amanda said...

Oh pukey children... poor you and poor daughter!

BTW, that recipe should be somewhere in your inbox -- I sent it last week. It's from my work email, so it's the letter "A" plus my RL last name @ my RL work domain.com, and I clarified who it was in the subject line. It's attached as a Word document, so perhaps it got kicked to your spam folder. Let me know if you can't track it down!

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