My Little Kumquat

This is Week 10, and the baby is the size of a Kumquat, a fruit which has too funny a name to consider eating, also they are kind of gross. The baby is growing fingernails and has a giant alien forehead. Creepy.

I have been put on antibiotics because of a Group B Strep infection. Yuck! But it does go to show that when you ask about the weird crap your body is doing, it can be helpful. The lab only looked for that because I asked the doorknob question, "hey is this green stuff normal?" turns out the answer to that is no.

I got Booger snuggles this morning before I left for work. It's amazing that she is three and half years old and I still think of her as a baby. My littles give excellent snuggles so I've got a smile on my face today.

Tonight I'm cooking, sewing and cleaning. I have several pairs of maternity pants that are in dire need of tailoring to make them serviceable. I'm cooking because Jeeves called me out and said I stopped cooking for him (shamed by my man, bummer) Anyway I also have a bit to do to get the house in order, it's been a busy few days and the clutter is threatening to take over, damned clutter. I also need to start working on my shed, I need to get it cleared out and start storing things in there that make sense, like the Christmas tree and other non-weather sensitive things that are laying around the house.


Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness! I didn't even know you were pregnant!! Congratulations!!!! :)

Julie said...

I'm still so excited your pregnant. I love reading your posts. Cleaning is something I need to do, really more organizing is need then cleaning but no since doing it until school starts. Then look out junk.
I have a new blog, the other two I'm letting sit for a bit. It was time to put them together into one. So far so good.
Take care and have a blessed evening.

Losing It said...

I still think of my almost 3 year old as a baby too. :)

I never tried Kumquats, are they really gross?

The Fat Mom said...

I spent over an hour catching up on your blog, but didn't want to waste your time commenting on every single post. So much good things going on in your life. Congrats!!!!

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