The Beat of the Heart

I didn't get to hear it last week. Dr S says we should be able to hear it in a month when I go back. September 15th is my next appointment, I got them to wait 5 weeks. The doc didn't do an early ultrasound so we are basing the due date on the first day of my last cycle, which put's me at mid march for delivery. I think when they do the ultrasound in October they are going to change the date, maybe even February. This doctor is really great, she has a great attitude and even thought this is my third child she spent a long time with me, she treated me like a person who knew what I was doing, I think we are going to work well together.

On Thursday morning both of the munches had a doctors appointment, just a yearly wellness exam. They are both hitting their developmental markers and were very cooperative with the physician. Unfortunately they both got vaccinations, which was upsetting for all of us but afterwards we went to McDonald's and they got to climb around in the play place which made it all better. I also really liked this new doctor, she spent over an hour with me and the girls, and she put my fears, that they are too little and skinny, to rest. She said they are both growing exactly the way they should be and as long as I keep offering them good foods, they will probably grow up a little on the slim side. Which may help them keep from being overweight when they get older. 

Saturday was Pumpkin's birthday party and while I had these grand illusions of a party with activities and defined flow of kids from one station to the next, it just did not happen. But she had a blast and we had three pools set up and the kids jumped around in the water for about 2 hours and had a ball. There was cake and food, and presents, it was awesome. Pumpkin proclaimed it the best birthday ever. 

Yesterday my good friend Erin and I jumped in the car and drove out to Columbia Missouri to walk around the Mizzou campus and have yummy pizza. I found myself sans kiddos and hubby for a few hours and a day trip seemed like such a cool idea. It was a great trip, and fun to get to spend that much time with my friend without having to deal with being "mommy" too.

Tomorrow will be the first day of week 10 of this pregnancy. I'm feeling good enough that I packed my gym bag and am headed for the treadmill this afternoon. Go me! 


Amanda said...

You sound happy Ninja!!

Mrs. D said...

Glad you got some grown up time and so happy for you and Jeeves!!!!

I've never had a kid's birthday party go exactly as planned. Ever. It drives me crazy, but as long as the kids have a good time, who cares?? Sounds like you threw an awesome party for her :))

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