Last night Jeeves' aunt who is a dear and awesome lady, came for a short visit. Her hubby (Jeeves' uncle) is a soldier and is spending 6 months in Ft. Leonard Wood for some school stuff, so on her way back to Illinois, she decided to spend a night on our couch.

I didn't feel like cooking and was craving something different, so we asked Aunt D to help us order some Thai food. She grew up in CA but her family is Korean, so she knows the best types of Thai, Korean and Vietnamese foods. She picked out a spicy beef with onions and cilantro, and a papaya salad. Jeeves, being the culinary adventurer he is (sarcasm) ordered a big thing of Chicken Pad Thai (yummy, but boring). We also picked out some dumplings and ordered a few sides of white rice.
Nam Tok (spicy beef)

Papaya Salad (yum!)