Good Grief

It's too damned hot to do anything. I took out the trash this morning and was drenched in sweat by the time I got back in the house.

Seriously, my trash can is like 7 feet from my front door. gah!

I am planning a birthday party for Pumpkin next month ans it is going to be outside, hopefully it will be a 87-90 degree day rather than this remarkable and oppressive heat. It saps the little amounts of energy I have and makes me just want to lay over the air conditioning vent and let the air blow through my 47 pounds of hair.

I have given myself until Pumpkin's party to get the spare room and office cleaned out. I have so much to prepare for her party that I'm hoping while I'm basically cloistered in my house because of the weather that I'll get it done this week.

Food today is as simple as it can be, I ate a bowl of sliced watermelon for breakfast and a sliced cucumber mixed with grated carrot and a bit of dressing for lunch. I feel like I'm drowning myself with fluids but at the same time, I'm still feeling dried out; so I figured adding in some foods with high moisture content would be a good plan. I've got some veggie laden chicken salad for dinner. I used a whole bunch of celery, a bag of carrots, an onion, and three sweet peppers with about 16 ounces of chicken that I baked. It made like 8 servings, big ones, and so I froze a bunch of it and have been avoiding turning on the oven this week whenever possible. I ate a serving of it with a serving of pretzels for lunch yesterday and that was surprisingly good.

Going to try to get to the gym today, but it's hot, I don't know what will happen.

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Amanda said...

it is hot here too. It is 8:30 and 80 degrees...humid. I am trying my hardest to drink fluids all day!

Have fun planning your pumpkins birthday and cleaning!

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