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This morning was payday (yay) and I have to pay a few bills, (boo) but I got in to work around 7 this morning and so I'll be leaving well before 5 (yay) I have no plans this evening so I'll probably put on my pajamas and do laundry and then maybe work in the spare room.

Oh! yesterday when I got home, Jeeves (who was still in his pajamas) asked me to take out the trash. So I grabbed the bag and toted it out to the can, when i opened the lid a smell smacked me in the face that nearly caused me to toss my cookies. I looked in the can and there was a DEAD RACCOON in there. I shrieked (like a girl) and dropped the bag. I totally made Jeeves put on clothes and come deal with the trash. It was so gross, OMG the smell... really, really bad.

The trash is a day late this week because of the holiday, and our dumpster isn't very full, so I'll probably fill it up(read: make Jeeves put the trash in there) and make a trip with a car load to the good will, and then see where my efforts have gotten me. I have a new reason to get spare room done. It needs to be a usable space as soon as possible. Jeeves and I have decided that it's weird that we have two rooms we are not using and every time we have people over the rooms just sort of become the catch all for crap that doesn't have a home, bad call.

Also why, with two extra bedrooms, do we not have an extra bed where guests can sleep when they come to visit. It's just silly, a whole lotta silly.  We are going to get this worked out and Surprise! Jeeves has offered to help me with it. Such a decent guy, I love that dude.

So, it's July and it's time to start thinking about Christmas (no really, it is) I may have mentioned before that I am a home made gift fort of girl and so I begin shopping sales for supplies really early and then I have more time to get things done and freak out less over the holiday. This year I am not crocheting much, so completing projects will take hours and not days, I'm going to be working up a list and a schedule soon. I love crafting and it gives me such a thrill to be able to give people things I have made with my own hands.

Diet wise I'm plugging along and I may go for a run this afternoon if my stomach cooperates. I am hoping to do 5K tonight, just jog it out for as long as I can. I love jogging on the treadmill, I don't have to carry my water bottle, I can maintain a pace that is comfortable, I don't have to deal with hills, and I can pump up the Pink and the Black Eyed Peas and just lose myself in the rhythm of the jog, it's good times. I also need to get back with the toning of my flabby bits, arms and inner thighs to be specific, I've been slacking and now I'm flapping more than I like.

I got a few new event flyers for the next few months, and am going to try my hand at a non-muddy 10K pretty soon. speaking of muddy 10K's though, I have started working on my outfit for next years run, as well as plans for a most awesome after-party with our growing team. I mentioned to my contact at the MS society, that there ought to be completion medals for the mud run and she said she would mention it the some folks, cool!

Alright, this had no inspiration, but I feel as though I've chattered at you for long enough.


Losing It said...

I've ordered the garage empty all weekend. Everything in my basement is being brought upstairs, sorted into trash, keep and donate piles. Then it's all gone.

Good luck!

P.S. EWW on the raccoon. What's with the dead ones lately? We found one in a combine yesterday.

Julie said...

What are you making this year? I know you can't say on your blog, that wrecks the idea but can you hint or send me an e-mail. I too start about now making my gifts but right now at a loss.
I love your picture on your profile. I meant to tell you that last week but forgot. So relaxed, so pretty. I like that.
Okay take care and have a blessed weekend.

Stephanie said...

Ewwwwwwwwwww on the dead raccoon! Around here it's skunks. BLECH! I feel for you. *Hugs*

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