Yeah that so didn't happen, but barring a natural disaster it will tonight. I am going to make myself go, it'll be good for me I think. I think I am going to zone out on the elliptical today, it's been awhile since I've been on one and I really like them, so I'll shoot for 30 minutes and then do some abs and arms when I get home.

It's too hot to think, to move and also to eat, so hopefully I'll be seeing a downward drop in the scale next week.

I'm making clothes like a mad woman, so I'll have pictures to show soon. I've been making t-shirt dresses for my girls and altering shirts for myself. May I just say, elastic is a curvy girls best friend. Boxy t-shirts begone! I have been ruching t-shirts left and right. My Cardinals t-shirt went from meh to awesome! Good times are being had by all at the sewing machine each night.


Ana said...

Woohoo! I cannot wait to see your sewing wizardry!

Amanda said...

I so wish you lived closer so I could take a sewing lesson from you. I know basics only!

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