1. I love Doritos; which is not news to many of you. My confession is that I have been eating way too many of them. Recently, they have put out the Taco flavored ones again which were sort of always my cryptonite, and it needs to stop.
2. My fluid levels have been dismal for the last two weeks. I have been slacking big time in the hydration department.
3. I have been a gym slacker as well. Only going a handful of times in June and really half assing it the whole time I was there. not cool.
4. I sometimes eat cold hotdogs right out of the wrapper, standing in front of the fridge.
5. I'm consuming way too much salt and I can feel it in my giant puffy hands and feet.

I feel like I've let go of my good habits and let lazy bull-shit creep back into my life. I'm really lucky that I haven't been more affected by it. I've been back on the ball this week, flexing my calories between 1200 and 1500 and eating tons of veggies and grains. I've been sticking to leaner proteins and both Jeeves and I have sworn off red meat for the summer.

I'm gonna stay healthy if it takes everything I've got to do it, and it just might.


Amanda said...

Cold hotdogs... my Waterloo with those would be the cheese-like-substance-filled hotdogs. I can eat three in a row, cold, right out of the fridge before my stomach starts to freak.

And Doritos? Yeah. I curse a little every time our local grocery chain has them on BOGO special. In fact, I make a special note to try to avoid the chip aisle so the boys won't decide to buy some with their allowance.

I'm weak, and I own it. Salty/fatty foods are worse on me than sweets. So I try to keep that stuff out of my house. Some days I do better than others :)

Ana said...

When my hubs left to go back to school on the 4th of July, I sat down with about 1/4 of a bag of Hawaiian Sweet Onion Potato Chips and devoured them...then I ate a Hershey's bar and then a hotdog bun...


Sad Panda here, and I did it all to myself :(

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