Trappings of Adulthood.

Do you own any of these things? These are Tupperware paraphernalia, a melon ball-er, citrus peeler and strawberry de-leaf-ifier thing. I did not own these things before this weekend. I never needed one of them but I know how to use them because both my mother and grandmother had them in their homes and I used them as a child.  I look at them as a sort of right of passage. When you move into your first "place," your own domain, where you are the master, often you find yourself without things that you didn't know you were going to need. Examples:
1. I need to put together this particle board desk so I'm using a butter knife as a screwdriver.
2. I was going to make you pasta for dinner but after losing half of the pasta down the sink because a colander was not on the "i need" list, were going to have pizza.
3. I have a shower curtain, and rings but forgot to check and see if there is a shower rod in this apartment, so now my floor is soaked.

So now I own these single use, very colorful and pretty awesome tools, and I'm a big kid now.

I worked really hard in drills last night and my arms and legs are feeling it today. The Evil Psycho had us doing planks from hell, in which we had to assume a plank position on our forearms and jump our feet in and out. Like a bizarre horizontal jumping jack. I thought my abs were in okay shape until I started doing this and looked at myself in the gym mirror. To my horror the loose skin on my abs was hanging and wobbling like the excess skin under my arms does when I wave. It was mortifying. Point of this story: The ninja needs more ab workouts, cause, damn.

Noshing on carrots and getting things done today which is a good feeling. I've got laundry to do tonight and I'm going to make some crock-pot curry chicken with cauliflower rice, yogurt sauce and black beans.(funny story: the spell check did not like the word crockpot and tried to correct it to crackpot, *snicker*) It promises to be delicious and if it works out well. I'll post the recipe. I will probably stop at the global foods place and pick up some Naan bread to go with it. I'd love to make my own but Cheesecake is first, then bread.

Booger woke me up today telling me, "Mommy, it's not sleepy time anymore, I want cereals...and chokkie-milk" I convinced her to stay in bed cause Jeeves was not ready to wake up. We snuggled in bed for about an hour before she dozed back off to sleep with her tummy full of milk.

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Ice Queen said...

I own a piece of crap melon baller. I need a better quality one, since I actually use the thing on a fairly regular basis. Yes, I like to eat balls. ^^ :D

For peeling citrus, I just start it with my teeth. And strawberry hulls? I am hardcore. I use a paring knife.

Kids get up to frakking early. That was one thing I loved sooooo much about Patrick growing up. No more five o:clock wake up calls. lol

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