Damn you Demon Gym Lady

So, I didn't realize how much the jumping jacks from hell were going to hurt. I didn't even do that many of them but now I feel a little like I've been stabbed in the gut. Everything hurts. It hurts to breathe, it hurts to wear a bra, it really hurts to try to sit up from a laying down position. I didn't realize that there are actually muscles on the outside of my ribs that can, and do hurt. I'm going to do more of these, if it hurts this bad it's got to be doing something good for my muscles. I'm going to the gym tonight in spite of the pain. I'm going to run for a bit and then do some yoga and some more ab work. why get used to being without the pain, eh?

I'm also going to a baseball game tonight with my friend Erin. She offered me a spare ticket so I get to go watch the Cards kick some ass. I love living in a baseball town. I love baseball. My favorites are the minor league games, and lucky me we, have two teams nearby. BTW: Stadium food at minor league games is way cheaper and way better than major league games. However, the Grizzlies have this awful hamburger that they sell at their stadium, it's made with a krispy kreme donut instead of a bun. jesus.

Today I am wearing size 12 pants. They fit well, no awful lines, no discomfort when I sit down. I feel pretty great in spite of the fact that TOM showed up early and I'm bloated and bitchy today. Let's hope some good coffee and a yummy fruit plate breakfast will help me feel better, well...that and an aqua-ban. I was expecting this to happen later in the week but am pleased that I will not have to contend with lady issues during the run on saturday, Yay!

I've got to come up with a new goal for after the mud run. I've been so focused on it for so long that when it's over I fear I will be lost without a new focus. I was talking with Mutti the other day and had asked her if she would keep the munches and I'd make Jeeves stay with me during the run. She surprised me by asking why she didn't get to come to run. I thought it would be boring but she wants to be there, she wants to see me accomplish this thing. She's so awesome and supportive and is as excited as I am to see me do what I've set my heart on doing. So we are going to figure out something else to do with the munches and make it so Mutti can be there as well and see me cross the finish line. 

I've got very little to do tomorrow night, So I'll be working on my mud run pants, They are convertible from pants to shorts and I need to remove the zippers in the knees and make them safer for running in. I am also going to be working on the personalized stuff the Muck You team will be wearing on Saturday. We are going to wear matching T-shirts during the race and then post race, after being hosed off by firefighters we are going to have yoga pants with "Muck You" written across the butt and I think we will be wearing the Mud Run T-shirts form the MS Society. I think I'm going to make some post race cookies for the team to share. Maybe a boot-print sugar cookie?

I have learned that post-run we, as runners, get free food (Hardee's) and beer (AB Products). I am eating very well this week and racking up a pretty decent deficit so any noshing on Saturday will not a negative effect on my weekly weigh in. I am a bit concerned with what to eat pre-race. I know that running with nothing in my tummy is a bad plan. But I'm afraid that anything I'll eat will come back up. So any runners out there have an idea of something safe to chow on before the run?


safire said...

So weird I posted about baseball today too! I went to a Yankees game on Saturday and got to see the new stadium for the first time!

Enjoy your baseball game and I hope your soreness gets better!

Jennifer said...

Ninja, ask your cuz Abbie on what to eat before the run. she is into hard core sports too!

Amanda said...

The Mud Run sounds awesome! Just don't work your abs so hard that it nukes your running. I'm not much of a runner (my knees are at least 60, whereas the rest of me is 41), but I do remember that when I'd done lots of ab work that it hurt to run, LOL. So... just take care.

And have a blast! It sure sounds like you will :)

Kristen said...

simple carbs are the way to go. about 100 calories 1 to 2 hours before you run. something like a bit of oatmeal or a half a bagel is a good bet. a small cup of coffee can also give you a boost, but only if you're used to having it on normal days.

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