5 Days Left!

I've got 5 days until my mud run and I am getting pumped for this. I've got a horrible knot in the pit of my stomach and I'm terrified but I'm also resolved. I am going to finish this race. It will be fun, I will finish it and when I do I will have proven to myself that a year is all it takes to turn my life around.(which is an odd thing to say, I know. A year is a long time! But not so long when you consider what I did in that time.)

Today is May 1st. In 17days I will have been choosing health over ease for a full year. I'm planning something special for that day, including a weigh-in, some pictures and maybe a glass of wine or two.

It's been a nutty day at work and I'm planning a 2 hour trip to the gym tonight. I'm thinking Pi-yo and Drills, although Turbo kick and Zumba is closer, I'm thinking I need some drills tonight. A very full day, but thanks to my buddy B-50, we'll get through it.I am going to get all of the crazy stuff out of the way tonight, so I can enjoy my workouts and relaxing until Saturday.

Prior to my workout I'm going grocery shopping, and afterward I'm finishing my house. It needs to be clean so I can focus on my last week of training for the mud run. I'm eating lots of fruits and veggies and trying to avoid anything that my tummy might consider "controversial" so I'm not uncomfortable on race day.

I have received a few questions about this and So I thought I would mention it. If anyone would like to donate to my fundraising efforts for the MS Society, please use the link on the sidebar of the blog. It says, "see the ninja get muddy" or something like that. It will take you to my fundraising page and allow you to donate to this wonderful organization.

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Ms. M said...

I know you're going to do fantastic! Nervous anticipation is a good thing... :)

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