Tiny Togaed Freak!

I had a bad food day yesterday. I'm not going into details but let's just say that the big clown headed freak and his fried tacos are a tool of the devil and little toga wearing lunatic and his pies of shame kicked my ass. (LOL, I just realized how crazy that looked. I ate at Jack in the Box and Little Caesar's, and I regret it, ugh. )

I also spent a few hours helping Mutti with moving stuff, I cleared a crap ton of stuff out of her basement. All trash, so I took it to a nearby dumpster and chucked it in with no thought of the legal ramifications. No one caught me, but as I loaded the last bag I read a sign on the side on the thing that said, no illegal dumping, pretty sure I was felonious last night. That makes me feel a little edgy.

I stayed up late last night making dresses for the Munches. We have this really cool place nearby that's like a goodwill of craft supplies. You can find notions, yarn, fabric and all sorts of other nifty crap there. I bought this really awesome peice of fabric and had been waiting (for what, I don't know) to make some dresses for the girls out of it. Last night I grabbed some scissors and went to town. No pattern, very little measuring and this is what happened.

Pumpkin being a snot

Pretty Booger

I have another piece of fabric, I think I am going to do some more tonight.


Jacqui said...

those dresses are so cute! You have a great sewing talent!

Ana said...

Firstly, I had a bad food day too yesterday...in the form of pretzels and peanut butter. Evilness for sure. Luckily there is no chocolate in the house or I would have been doomed for sure!
Secondly--omg...the dresses: adorable. Your Munches in the dresses: cuteness overload!!! Great job!

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