The Munches Go to the Dentist

Booger getting her teeth counted
Pumpkin getting her teeth brushed.

Pumpkin getting checked out
post-cleaning goodies, toothpaste and brush
Pumpkin Chillin'

The most feared day by Mother's around the world: The first trip to the dentist (dum-dum-dum-da-dum!)
My girls were amazing! They were happy and cooperative and such amazing little people. The hygienists were awesome and they said our girls were exceptional.  It was just remarkable and now we have a precedence of good experience at the dentist.
Woot! I'm just so excited, it was so great! 
Then after the appointment, Mutti (who came with us to the appointment) took us out for frozen yogurt at this new place in town called Yo-My Goodness. 
The Concept: You get a cup and fill it with stuff and they charge based on the weight of the sundae. I got one that had wedding cake flavored yogurt, caramel and salted pecans.(salted pecans on ice cream is probably my favorite thing in the world right now, ZOMG) It was very, very good. Booger didn't eat much of hers but she picked peanut butter and jelly swirled yogurt, and it was odd. The place was really fun, decorated with bright neon colors and green glass tile on the counters. I'm for sure going back there. The best thing is that if I only want to eat two dollars worth of stuff, I can do that, I am stuck with wasting food or not getting what I really want. 
Verdict: Very Cool Place.

I got home from running around to find that Erin had left a pan of brownies on my porch. (I have the best friends) On Sunday she was over at the house and we made yummy Greek wraps for dinner, full of veggies and good stuff. Later, while watching Shrek 4, I was lamenting the lack of brownies in my house and so she made me some. Yum!

What began as a somewhat less than awesome day has turned around in a big, big way.
I hope everyone gets to have days that end as well as this one has. 

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Amanda said...

We have a Yogurt Mountain place here (inside Books-a-Million) that does the same thing with yogurt and toppings. I miss the coffee shop there, but the kids love the yogurt!

Okay, must have lentil burger recipe you mentioned in comments on my blog. Pretty please? LOL

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