Aw Yeah!

The fridge debacle has ended and thanks to Jeeves, Felix, My BIL and a work buddy all three fridges are in their new homes. Our old fridge has been donated to a home where three gentleman with developmental disablilities are going to be moving in a few weeks. They were denied money to purchase things for their home and so they didn't have a fridge, well now they do.

In previous moves, I have had to strain and move heavy things, but I've got to give Jeeves and his band of merry men some pretty big props, I didn't have to do a thing, except direct the action. It was heavenly, reminded me of when I was a kid and my dad would let mom unpack and direct while he did the heavy lifting. *memories*

So my meager larder has moved into the new home, and I need to go shopping, he-he. Not really, I have enough veggies to last a week and a half, I went a little crazy at the produce stand on Thursday. *sheepish*

The work buddy was loading the fridge into his truck (to take to the guys mentioned above,) and he asked me if the munches liked stuffed animals, well they are toddler girls so yeah, they like stuffed animals. He brings in this tub and unloads like, a septillion beanie babies onto my living room floor. Holimajesus! They are freakin everywhere! It's the invasion of the tribbles! no seriously, look how many of them there are...

Anyway it's a good day in the ninja household, things went well, no one developed a hernia and now it's Miller time.

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Hally Bell said...

That's my fridge!! lol

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