Okay, What the frack happened to my house?

I did a Flea Market yesterday, ran a booth with Mom, got sunburned, had a calorie deficit of about 7 million, then came home and hobbled around all night, cause it hurt. a lot.

Today we did Bible study, church, lunch and a birthday party; all good things, but when I came home it looked like a family of meth-head freak vagrants had been squatting in my house. I don't have enough hours before work tomorrow to get this straightened out, let alone sleep and clean house.


If you need me I'll be crying in the bathtub, with tequila...and chocolate


Amanda said...

Tomorrow is a new day. Take a long bath!

Julie said...

Take care of the kitchen, let the rest be for another day. Saturday afternoons it seems my house explodes. I don't know how just the three of us can do that but it takes my until Sunday to get it put back together.
A new week, a new day. Don't worry. It'll be good.
Take care and have a blessed night sleep.

The Fat Mom said...

They make the mess? They clean it up! Easier said than done.

Enjoy your time in the bath and try not to think about it.

LeAnna said...

Calgon take me away! Tomorrow is a new day my friend and the since of overwhelming dread will still be there but your spirits will be better. You are tired. Get some rest.

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