Yoipes and Away!

Last night before heading off to work Jeeves started a video for the munches to watch so I could get few things done. I came into the room after de-flooding the bathroom and found them watching a Merry Melodies Cartoon montage that had been a favorite of My brother Felix and I since we were very young. After scaring the munches with my hoots of glee, I text-ed a line from the cartoon to Felix who was over at Mutti's house. He apparently had a short laugh induced coma and then we went back and forth for awhile. I love that guy.

I found the clip that had me giggling last night and thought I'd share, I tried to embed it but it wouldn't let me so, Follow this link.

Allan sort of called me out for not following the plan last night. No hard feelings Allan, sometimes you make me cry a little, but whatever. I like Allan, I like his attitude toward weight loss, his dedication to his goal and his tendency to, erm..."overshare". I enjoy reading his posts, even the one's that seem a little harsh to me. It's his blog and he can say what he wants, he doesn't need my permission(or anybody's for that matter) He often says that you don't have to follow "his plan" but you have to have "a plan." He doesn't like the slow and steady plan (I do), he is in a headlong sprint toward his goal (I'm not). In a recent post Allan said his plan is the best, and it is; his plan is the Eat Less Crap and Move More Plan. Which is what I'm doing. I guess that's my point, the important things are there.

Tonight I am doing a chicken and braised zucchini stir fry with carrots, cabbage and brown rice for dinner. It's a favorite and it usually stretches to two meals for us. I have been asked to submit a few more recipes and articles for the magazine. So the munches and I are baking tonight, Sugar cookies for sunday and a pie for the magazine. I am going to experiment with some Gorgonzola cheese in my pie crust and make a pear cinnamon filling with tons of vanilla...oh great, now I'm drooling.


Ms. M said...

That stir fry sounds super yummy!

And Allan is correct, a plan is necessary... failure to plan is planning to fail.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Ice Queen said...

You're not the only one! That sounds yummy!

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