I made a pie today. It's epic, and I took a bite to ensure it's not odious and believe me, it's not.

It's a pear pie with a home made, whole wheat crust made with Gorgonzola cheese. I made it with splenda so there's no added sugar and Jeeves practically kissed my feet when I gave him a bite of it. I made it to share with my family foodies tomorrow. They are my judging panel and very picky, so I know if they like it, it's gotta be good. I've worked out the calories and for 1/12 of this pie, which is not a tiny piece, but not too much either, it's around 300 calories. I tell you what, I would run a mile and a half for a piece of this, no question.

Turns out I don't have to "become" a pie maker, I sort of already am one. This was done sans recipe with only my knowledge of how ingredients work in the oven and the fact that pears go well with tart cheese. I am so proud of this. It gelled well and when I cut a piece for Jeeves it held it's shape, it didn't goo out into the pan. Pie Accomplished! Next Challenge: Cheesecake.


Hally Bell said...

That looks sooo good.

Ana said...

Oh good Lord, I almost smashed my face into the computer screen to catch a whiff of that loveliness. Please, please, PLEASE post the recipe! I am dying to make that...and I am more than willing to throw in an extra workout for a sliver!

Anonymous said...

Square pie? Way to think outside the box...but also inside a box...tricky. Your pie looks delicious!


The Ninja said...

Thanks Aimee,

It is square by an oversight of kitchen stocking, I don't own a pie pan. I'm going to rectify that soon, but had everything started before I realized it.

I need to have you guys over for dinner again sometime soon, I need to get some outside opinions on my new stuff.

Anonymous said...

I have a pie pan that almost never gets used, so if you want to borrow it sometime you are welcome to it.

And I would be happy to eat food and then have opinions about it - in fact, eating and opining are two of the things I do best! :)


safire said...

This pie looks amazing!

My boyfriend's favorite dessert is cheesecake so I make it often. I should make a post about it soon!

Have a lovely Easter!

Amanda said...

Yum yum yum....that pie sounds amazing. Just my kinda pie too.

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