Cinder-mommy: a tale of travel and cleaning.

I got home at 4, and got the munches dressed and we headed out to Hobby Lobby for some cookie cutters that are on sale this week. We picked up a set of circles, a hand, a present and a cupcake. I'll be making them on Thursday along with an order for a lady at work and I'll post some photos as soon as they are done.

Then we went to the market for baby carrots, peanut butter, powdered sugar and bananas. The munches got to walk through the store with me since we didn't need a cart, they were excited like you would not believe. Booger kept walking past people showing them the peanut butter saying, "excuse me, but look we got butter jelly."

Then I dropped them at the childcare center at the gym and ran for about 45 minutes. I developed a cramp in my foot that would not loosen so I hung it up 15 minutes early, bummer. I wore a t-shirt that I bought the day I registered for college in 2001. It was in the bottom of my drawer and I pulled it out to wear to the gym. Jeeves recognized it as one of the shirts I wore a lot when we first started dating and told me I still looked the same, even 10 years later. (love this guy!)

Then home again to clean; kitchen, laundry, munches toy room and living areas got a good once over in preparation for the company Jeeves will be having today and tomorrow while I'm at work. Today Jeeves' father is coming out to fix our lawn mower and do a first run of the season on the yard; tomorrow Jeeves is going to be sitting for our nieces whose mom is out of town this week.

I got to bed around 1, when the workout high finally wore off and I started feeling really tired. I got up this morning to a clean house and felt pretty good. Tonight, after dinner with Mutti and some preliminary basement cleaning, I'm heading to bed early and getting up in the wee hours to do my first spin class. There is a 5am spin class at one of the nearby gym locations, and I'm going to try it out. Maybe I'll find that I like it. I'm not holding out hope but it could happen. I'm also back on the ab wagon. I've been doing about 50 crunches every night, while watching TV, using resistance bands. I love it when my tummy looks tighter and if I do end up having another baby someday I'll thank myself for getting these muscles in shape to keep from looking super preggie early on. Having strong tummy muscle holds it in for a little longer.

Alright, I'm done blathering, I've got crap to do. I hope everyone has a lovely day and gets to relax a little more than I will. :0)


Amanda said...

Wish you lived closer (I keep saying this) I could use you to make me some baked goods!!

Cynthia said...

next time you need cookie cutters, just ask me! i have like hundreds, it's this crazy joke my mom and I had that got out of hand. you can borrow them for free whenevs!

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