I went back to the gym yesterday afternoon and jogged 3 miles in about 45 minutes. I felt pretty good and kept up a steady pace. My foot feels much better, thank god. I've almost completely stopped drinking soda, which is great, but last night a Diet Mountain Dew called me and after I drank it I couldn't get to sleep. Go figure. So I missed spin class this morning, I'll try again tomorrow.

In bad news: I've done some projections and it would appear that my old buddy Tom is going to be visiting during the mud run...wtf man! un.cool.

I've been craving fruits and veggies for the last three days(what's with the craving???) I literally can't get enough carrots, and strawberries are enticing me from everywhere, they smell amazing. Not sure what's up but if it keeps up I'll be really regular and not have to worry about developing scurvy... (Arrrr!) lol. I've also been craving asparagus and I've found a recipe with asparagus and poached eggs over pasta (I'll substitute zuchinni pasta) mmmmmmmm...poached eggs, yummy.

I'm making cookies tonight, should have pictures tonight. I'm doing a bunch, I figure I'll take some with me to my last class of the semester on Saturday. I'm glad this round of classes is almost over, It'll be good to have my saturday mornings back. I miss doing Zumba.


Losing It said...

Did you find the recipe for that asparagus / pasta / poached egg off of Skinny Taste?

I've been dying to try that one. let me know how it tastes :)

Anonymous said...

If you're on birth control, you should be able to adjust when you take it to adjust when Tom shows up. It won't hurt you to skip one or wait another week or two.


safire said...

At least you are craving healthy foods!

Asparagus egg and zucchini sound like a wonderful combination! :D

Have a great weekend.

The Fat Mom said...

Hey, you could be craving chocolate and pizza. I say keep craving the fruits and eat em up!

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