Quite Contrary

Ninja, How does your garden grow?

Amazingly, in spite of being started in the land of tiny lunatics.

Our seedlings have begun poking thier little heads up and out of the soil. The squash are almost ready to be transplanted into bigger containers.

Let me just say that I hope these squash plants are as prodigious as the package promised. I -love- squash and use it in so many things. I made a chicken soup last summer and put diced grilled squash in it, almost like a garnish, It was awesome.

 The munches are super excited about the plants and since they can reach the sink they have a tendendcy to over water them. When the plants go outside they will probably sigh with relief.

So far the tomates, green peppers, jalepenos, watermelon, pumpkin, and squash have produced sprouts. I am so looking forward to this garden.  

Thanks for your kind words after my last post. things have gone a little haywire and I'm in the process of getting it back together. I have an uncomfortable conversation coming up today. I did something dumb and need to fess up and apologize.


Dear god she looks more like me everyday


Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

yay! They look great! I can't wait to build the garden beds and plant them. By the way, if you need any pots, let me know. I have a TON of them in all shapes and sizes

Losing It said...

I would LOVE to grow fresh food. I wish I had the motivation. /sigh

Ana said...

Woohoo for growing plants! I hope my black thumb from childhood has disappeared because I just planted zucchini, pumpkins and green beans with Tom Sawyer yesterday. *crosses fingers* grow babies, grow!

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