My little munch learned what rasberries "mean" and for the last three days she has been using them to display irritation, and in place of the word no. This shit ain't cool, I can't have her doing this in public, imagine the looks I'll get. Gah!

Jeeves and I were blessed to be awake for about 2 hours before the munches this morning. Some highjinks ensued and now...I have a hickey (a few actually but only one that will need covering). Lord, how old am I?  I don't typically wear makeup, so I don't have anything to cover it up with. I also don't own any turtle necks, gotta work something out for work tomorrow, cause it's pretty obvious and I work in an office with my pseudo-mother in law, and four women who are friends of Mutti's and who have known me since I was 14. Gah! (yeah, again)

I left my camera cord at work so I won't be able to post cake and cookie pics until tomorrow sometime. Classes are over (yesssss) and I've been asked back for the fall (Woot!) but I have to wait two weeks for my bonus. It's not awful to spend 5 saturday mornings talking with people who want to listen to what you have to say. (the 25 dollars an hour doesn't suck either)

In news about other crap: I'm going to be a published writer. A small magazine in Illinois was looking for contributions and I emailed a few articles I had prepared for such things. They liked both of them and will be publishing them in thier first issue! I don't think it's going to be lucrative but since being a writer is what I've always wanted, I am pretty stoked. Once the website associated with the magazine gets up and running I'll post a link and you can check it out.

Still craving strawberries and carrots; and eating them like mad. If not for the hommade hummus (sans olive oil to cut the calories) I dip my carrots in I wouldn't be getting much protien at all, Although, both the dishes I did this weekend turned out beautifully. I did not get any photos of the (zuchinni)pasta dish with eggs and aspargus because I was starving and it looked to good to wait. Turns out I was right(ZOMG-drool). I took pictures of the chicken breast with wilted spinach and tomatoes. I'll post the photo and recipe on the CookBook blog tomorrow. Jeeves hates tomatoes and he even loved this. It was super easy and remarkably delicious.


Ana said...

For the hickey-cover up...blend, blend, blend! If all else fails, find a huge sticker and tell everyone that one of your babes made you promise to wear it all day long :)

Looking forward to the foodie pictures!

Amanda said...

lololol A hickey!

All that food sounds so yummy!

Losing It said...

Yay for the magazine publishing. It's exciting no matter what comes of it!

As for the hickey.. what's with men lately? My hubs did that to me last week. I got to work on Friday and was like.. wtf! lol

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