Run, Don't Walk

I feel like I'm living in a bad 60's horror movie. My house is being overrun by ants, mostly in the laundry room and the office, you'd think they'd pick the kitchen, go figure.We've bought various bug killing apparatus and hopefully this will stop being an issue in the next day or two.

I went to Zumba last night, there was a new instructor and she was very repetitive, more so then I am used to dealing with. It was fun, but we did this Bollywood number that turned my biceps into jello. Afterward my friend Erin came over to the house and we had dinner and then colored eggs with the munches. Today I am going to make egg salad out of the eggs, I use ranch dressing mix and light sour cream instead of mayo for my egg salad, it's sooooo good and I hate mayo and Miracle whip. Jeeves digs it, a lot.

Tonight there is a fund raiser for work at a local eatery. Kids nosh for free and there will probably be a balloon artist there, the Munches love that. I am going to find something good and stay on track, I'm even ordering water instead of a diet soda. Plus I ate really well today, Hummus and carrots for lunch and a skinny latte for breakfast.  It's been a trying day but I did find out what's wrong with my new van and it's a quick, easy and most importantly cheap fix, thank you Jesus.

The seedlings have begun to break out of the peat cups and need to be transferred to bigger pots. I'm facing the hard choice of deciding which one's will be planted and which should be discarded. I really need to get the tiller and make the yard garden ready but I'm just so dratted busy for the next week, they plant-lings are just going to have to wait. I'm super excited about the veggies that will come from the garden. It's nerdy, but I am going to love doing this. It will save us some cash this summer. I put in some cucumber seeds this week because I want to make homemade pickles, no high fructose corn syrup in those babies just 100% pickles.


Hally Bell said...

When we moved to south TX people warned of us the ants... I brushed it off thinking "I'm a clean person, won't bother me". I'm freaking out because of the ant problem in our kitchen. It's no overrun or anything but it's embarrassing. I do the dishes in the sink every night and they still decide to show up in the morning. Ugh, if you find something that works, PLEASE let me know.

The Fat Mom said...

We have the same problems with ants; usually in our bathrooms and kitchen.

I'm going to have to try the egg salad with ranch and sour cream. It sounds amazing!

Halley - we live in Texas and probably have the same ant problem. Terro liquid ant bait is the best stuff! Since putting it out we have not had another ant. This is after trying TONS of other products.

Patrick said...

Ants, we get the every spring for a week or two, lay out some new ant traps and gone they go until the next spring. If only weight loss were so easy.

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