Epic Cuteness & Then and Now.

Pumpkin, Livvie, Booger and the Bean.

Booger only held him for about a minute and a half and then she said, "Mommy, this baby is too heavy!" So freaking cute. But this next one is my favorite.

Pumpkin really only smiles like this when she is super happy, and we rarely catch it on camera. She got to hold him before anyone and it just made her day. She and Booger have been talking about the baby that came out of "Aunt Bwit's tummy" all week and when my bro's family got to the house my sister-in-law brought the baby over and introduced him to the Munches first. The Munches were amazed and awed by the tiny little man. It was so sweet they just fell in love with him and both wanted to hold him. Booger kept touching his head very lightly and saying "he's my family" OMG! SO CUTE!

The candy consumption of the part of the Munches was remarkable. They only get two days a year when they are allowed to go crazy like this, Easter and Halloween. They chowed down on candy and baked treats for the whole day and they had been up since 7 am. So at about 9 they finally crashed. This is them, just undies and a blanket, candy coma-ed out on the couch.

 I put nighttime diapers on them and transferred them to bed without them stirring at all.  They were still asleep when I left for work this morning.

I have been searching for a better picture of me to compare this too, But Easter last year is the time right before I began my change. So here's me last Easter, not a full body photo but still good enough to compare with.
2 038
Easter 2011

In size 12 pants and a Large shirt.


safire said...

I have boob envy right now. You have AMAZING proportions and I can totally tell the difference. Your waist is SO trim now!

The children are SO adorable. I love kids holding babies. I think I'm going to be one of those psychotic aunts/moms that takes non-stop pictures!

Have a wonderful week :)

Ice Queen said...

The Munches just make me go Awwww! Aren't they little angels when they pass out? lol

You are looking faboo, girl! I am inspired. :D

Ana said...

Pretty momma! Awesome job!

The Ninja said...

Thanks Guys!

Safire- I have to admit, my bust was augmented by the over-shirt that had been pulled up, I'm not really that chesty, but everything looks a lot more curvy since losing the weight.

Amanda said...

Look at that flippin figure!! Cute cute hot and cute!

Looks like you all had a good easter! Everyone cleans up well!

I know what you mean about the jewelry. I am really crafty as well and I make loads of stuff! Pretty darn happy with the quality so I'll splurge for a few peices. As long and I make a little bit of money to put into savings and pay for my docs then it will be worth it!

I want that pie.

Julie said...

B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!!!! That is you!! WOW, look at you. I am so proud of you!!! YES, you go girl. And the babies, big and small...Love them.
Thank you for sharing.
Take care and God Bless!!

LeAnna said...

Love Love Love the top you are wearing in those pics. It is gorgeous. You children are adorable!

Anonymous said...

I love that blue shirt - where did you get it? Or maybe I'll just wait till you're too small to fit into it...shouldn't be long. :) You look amazing, lady!


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