Sick and Tired

Me, for serious.
...of being so damned tired. It seems like this bone-weary exhaustion is not going to lift any time soon. It's going on about a week now, and not for lack of trying to get rest. This is exhausted on an average of 8 hours of sleep a night. It's hard to get my ass up off the couch, bed, hell I spent a hour laying on the floor the other day (the munches were freakin') and while I've been trying to stay on track it's been really difficult. I'd call this a depression except I'm not down or sad, I'm just really, really tired. Nothing sounds good to eat, but I'm hungry all the time. It sort of feels like the day after you get over a stomach bug when you just feel weak and sleepy.

 Last night I forced myself to get up and clean the kitchen; it was hard and my head was pounding the whole time. But I got every dish done and I put them all away. I was happy about it this morning, but not happy the way you'd think more like a 'oh, good' happy then and 'Awesome!' happy.

In an effort to combat the ant-y bastards that are invading my house I've been cleaning the counters with 409 and then spraying bleach water to keep the little buggers from finding the kitchen. They seem to be dwindling thanks to the spray and little trap things we have put down. A huge issue with spraying is that we do the outside of the house too however every time we spray it rains, I imagine that washes away the majority of the poison and lets them right on through.

I've already gotten half of my fluids in for the day in the form of a giant skinny coffee, and diet soda. I'm sticking to water the rest of the day but I figured the caffeine jump start might help and I've also taken a B vitamin at the suggestion of my nurse friend. She says that if I am not getting enough this might help my energy and if I am getting enough it will just flush right through. Internet research validates this and so I'm giving it a try. I need to do something, if this doesn't resolve soon I'll be heading back to the Doc, it's about time to have my blood work done again anyway. It's been about 4 months since the last time my thyroid levels were checked. But this doesn't feel like it did the last time, I don't have the over heating, mood swings, or heart racing. I do have the issues with focus, but those never really go away.  I think I may have a touch of ADD, and I've been able to put some processes in place to help me overcome that.


Ice Queen said...

I was going to suggest B vitamins. You might want to add additional B6 and B12. Are you vitamin D deficient? If so, that could cause lethargy, too. I had a nice little upswing in my energy level after I took a course of prescription vitamin D, then got on a daily 5000 IU vitamin D.

I hope that you find the reason for your lethargy and get on a good plan to feel better, soon.

Amanda said...

I just had my labs done and that is exactly what I am lacking..b vitamins. I hope you perk up soon. I hate when feel so tired all the time. But at least now I know it can be the lack of the Bs

safire said...

Vitamin B, and sunshine helps my energy level. It's weird but exercise also helps me stay energized.

I hope you find a way to recharge yourself! The weekend is approaching!

Amanda said...

Yeah, have the doctor give it a look if it doesn't get better soon. Weirdly, it sounds like when I had mono but that was back over twenty-five years ago (yipes!) so my memory definitely may be having issues, LOL.

Feel better!!! Exhaustion reeks. I've been waking up at 4:30 or 5:00 a.m. for the past month and it's driving me bonkers.

Losing It said...

Any chance you are preggers? That's my go to cause for sleepiness!

As for the ants, we found some great traps at Home Depot that you put outside the house. Worked wonders for us last year.

Amanda said...

LOL...yes that means he has a super sexy voice. Thats why I married him!! Ha... he gets asked to talk a lot!

Hally Bell said...

Hey Lady-

Remember that dry spell on my blog a few weeks back? Yeah, I feel yeah. Found out I was lacking Iron. Something to think about.

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