*long weary exhale*

I'm hormonal and irritated and feeling gross today. I've felt off all day and ended up sleeping on the couch for two hours. My kitchen is a mess and I have laundry everywhere. It's 9:30 and I don't see myself getting to bed any time soon. My remarkable powers of procrastination mandate me getting in to work early in the morning to complete a task I should have done before leaving work last week. cripes, it's been a day.

I need a vacation, a nice long kid free vacation where I don't have to clean or create anything. However, I have a remarkable amount of stuff to do for the next month and a half. I made a list and then I cried.
April 15-17: Classes and Cake and prep for flea market.
April 22-24: Easter party at my house
April 29-30: Flea Market and Bake Sale
May 6-8: Mud Run and Mother's day
May 13-14: Clear out Mom's basement
May 20-22: Prepare and plant seedlings in garden.
May 27-29: Moving Mom into her new house.

gah! that's a lot of shit to do. June had better be one helluva relaxing month or I may go round the bend. Oh, wait, that's right, it'll start being stupid hot in june...damn. Well maybe there will be a silver lining to this cloud of bullshit. I might just be too busy to eat anything. 

I'll try to keep it togther, but if one day you open the blog and there is a post with only numbers and the words pumpernickle, please use facebook to contact my husband or mother and tell them I need to be commited. :0)


Ms. M said...

I feel your pain. I have a crazy, busy few weeks ahead too. I haven't made a list, I would so cry... its scary, lol. Hang in there & remember to breathe. :)

LeAnna said...

One of those Calgon take me away kind of days, huh? I feel like I have had that kind of year. These are the days that are hardest for me to stay focus and committed when all I want to do is find serenity in food. But is it really serenity? Stay strong my friend.

Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

When your list is over and it's a thousand degrees outside, you can go buy (and wear) a new swimsuit and shorts!!

Amanda said...

I feel insanly busy myself! I can't seem to catch my breath. I am probably driving my husband batty, too! You'll get there though! Relax for a little while! :)

gracies tough journey said...

So sorry to hear you are outta sorts. Things will get better, have faith. Calgon sounds about right for you haha. Take care hun.

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