Shit has gone awry

So, really, really long story short: Stinker is staying with her grandparents for a few days until we can get legal guardianship of her. Her mother decided she wanted her back at about 8 pm last night and there was a bad scene. Our lives were disrupted, I didn't sleep well, and now I'm at work and I just want to crwal back into bed.

We need to decide what is going to happen with her, but I don't know if I want to sign up to be the permanent parent to this little girl, hell, I don't even know if that's what I'll be signing up for. Esh.

Before the drama of last night, the munches went to Mutti's, and Jeeves and I went out to dinner. It was nice to sit and eat with him, and have some quiet time with my husband. We are working on being kinder to one another, making sure that we are giving as much positive into the relationship as we can. We realized that we were bringing all of our stresses to each other but not reinforcing the bond with good things as well. That's starting to change and it feels good, we feel more like partners than roommates and it's making me happier.

Yesterday morning my Brother and SIL borrowed my house for a baby shower. I am going to be an aunt again and the original venue for the shower had an unfortunate sewage issue, so I volunteered my house, Which Jeeves cleaned for me while I was out doing other things. It was a good time and I made a really cute cake, as soon as I locare my camera cord for the computer I'll post a pic.

Well, I'm sort of done for now, talk to you all later.


Losing It said...

Oh no! Drama is no thx. Not only for you and your family, but that little girl too. Poor kiddo.

I'm glad you had some alone time with Jeeves before that though. I'm in need of some serious adult time to get things in order with the hubs myself.

Can't wait to see the cake :)

Amanda said...

Oh dear -- family drama's about the worst. I've had some to deal with lately myself, and it biteth the big one.

The date with Jeeves sounds excellent, though -- and alone/couple time is so important!!

Hang in there. You'll figure out whatever it is you're going to do. And you'll come through this.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry, hon. :( I'm sending a ton of hugs and prayers your way. Please keep us posted, okay?

Jacqui said...

I'm so sorry there has been drama going on... you will figure out what you want and what's best for all of you in regards to the little one. ((HUGS))

Yay for getting time alone with your hubby!

Can't wait to see the pics of the cake you made!

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