for what?

So after speaking with DFS all day, the baby has to go back with her mother and the whole process must begin again. It seems we have been used by the mother to get DFS off her back and now we spent a week figuring out how to change our lives only to discover that we really don't need to change them at all. I'm having a hard time figuring out what we went through all of this for. What purpose did it serve to uproot our lives and make everything more complicated? It didn't help the baby, it didn't really help her mother, and it just seems to have been so pointless.

I really want to eat a whole box of girl scout cookies and drink the bottle of tequila in my fridge, but I feel like that would be a really bad plan...I think I'll go to the gym and run until I'm to tired to be angry anymore.


Hally Bell said...

I've never been in this position so I'm probably talking 'outta my behind' but I say just try to deal with the emotions in a healthy way. Scream in the shower, cry in your pillow, sprint until you sob. Just don't use the food. Love ya girl. {{{internet hug}}}

Jacqui said...

I am so so sad this has happened to all of you involved. This is when I have less faith in "the system". I saw too much of this when I worked at a psych hospital that had a children's ward. Some of those kid's were pulled in all kinds of directions.

I agree.. don't use food. I like the idea of running until you get it all out. Do something physical until you use up all the frustration and anger. There is a reason this all happened.. even if you don't see it now. ((HUGS))

Amanda said...

I am really sorry that this has happened to you guys! Really sorry that this has happened to the baby too. She is the one that really will be damaged in the long run.

I think running is a great idea. They system has failed her, not you all.

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