What Time Is It?

Jeeves and I had a talk about getting healthy the other day. He has changed his job and is in the middle of trying to start his own business. He is a smart guy but 4 years of working the midnight shift followed by watching babies all day had turned him into a zombie. He ate to stay awake and since sweets cause the instant sugar rush that was what he reached for when tired took over.

I approached him recently about getting healthier, and possibly going on my diet, doing Allan's challenge, working out with me...something. He said, "it's just not a good time, I have a lot of stress these days and I don't want to add more too it."

That made me think...

When is it a good time.

When in your life have you looked at the shit you have to deal with and though, "Yes! this is a good day to be on a diet."

When in your life do you think, "I really don't have much stress to deal with, lets add some more in"?

It doesn't happen. there is no perfect starting point, no amazing day in the imaginary someday that will be picture perfect for working out and will produce instant weight loss.

Today, is the day. 

If you want to lose weight, if you want to change your life, right now is the time. Decide this minute, not tomorrow, not Monday, not next month.

Now, right now. Every minute is the first minute of the rest of your life. Everyday is a chance to start over and make better choices.

Yesterday is gone and ghosts aren't real, so don't let dietary indescretions haunt you. Every decision you make is a chance to make a positive change in your life.

So, What Time is it?
It's 2:57
It's time to go to the gym.
And it's time to change your life.
Right now.


Brittany said...

You're so right! I think that mentality goes for everything in life. Saving money, having kids, buying a house, getting fit, going back to school, etc. If you put it off, you probably won't ever do it!

The Fat Mom said...

Awesome post! And you are right, there is never a good time.

Polar's Mom said...

Dieting sucks, so there is never a good time, you are right! There will always be excuses, but I think the "most right" time is reached when the negatives of being fat outweigh the other bad things in life...hopefully Jeeves will get to his 'most right' time soon!

Polar's Mom

Jacqui said...

Amazing post! So very true! There is never an ideal time.

LeAnna said...

*sigh* Oh how true that is! I have struggled with this lately... a lot actually. :-)

Ronnie said...

LOVE! :) Awesome post. Thanks for finally saying it, someone had to!!

Anonymous said...

You get a big "AMEN" from me! Shawn gives me excuses like that all the time, and it drives me BATTY! Great post, hon!

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