Best Wake Up Ever

So this morning I rolled out of my warm bed, did my potty thing and shed my artic jammies to weigh in. Usually I just sort of glare at the scale and think hateful thoughts. Today I wanted to kiss the white hunk of metal. Because she gave me a gift.

180 pounds!!!! This means I can purchase my next incentive, a stand mixer! Which is awesome because I am going to participate in the MS Mud Run in May.

My readers probably know that I started this journey in May of last year, See here I was 232 pounds and needed to make some changes. So this May, I am hoping to be close to my 160 goal and be in excellent shape so I can run a 10K with military style obstacles. I have committed myself to doing it and will be registering next week when our tax money comes back.  I have decided to join a team called Muck You with a new friend who is wonderfully supportive and have asked my little bro to consider doing it as well.

The reason my stand mixer is going to help with this, (I know you were probably confused) is that to fund raise the 100.00 minimum donation I am going to be hosting a "10.00 You Call It Bake Sale" Anyone who donates 10.00 to my Team for this race will be able to choose a delicious baked good made by me. A pan of brownies, batch of cookies or decorated cake for instance. I'm hoping this goes over well because I  -love- to bake and this will let me bake, give the goodies away, not gain weight from baked goods, raise money for charity, and take part in this immense and exciting challenge. (I hope lots of people want decorated cakes or cupcakes because I want to make my homemade butter cream in my new mixer)

Do you think my bake sale is a good idea? I figured I could just ask for cash but this way I'm giving them something for their money, and it's delicious. Everybody wins.


Amanda said...

I think it is a fabulous idea! I still want one of the hats! What a wonderful thing to wake up to on a Friday! Good for you!

The Ninja said...

What color do you want amanda? I'll make one for you.

gracies tough journey said...

AAAAGh 180 lbs that is so awesome. You are doing a great job and you deserve that reward. So Proud of you. Gracie

Erin said...

I think you should charge $15 for baked goods. It is a fundraiser :)

And WOO HOO on 180!!!!

The Fat Mom said...

I'm doing my famous booty shake for your 180. WOO HOO!

What an awesome idea about the bake sale! I have the fancy stand up mixer and LOVE it! You have more will power than I do. If I made baked goods, I'd be eating it while cooking. GRRR!

Hally Bell said...

I think 10 is plenty, personally. I think you should also try to do some sugar free versions, that way maybe you can be an influence on someone else to get healthy!

Jacqui said...

Nellie.. you are awesome! I am so proud of you to hit that 180!

Ok.. I'm a kitchen nerd and need to know.. what stand mixer are you going to get??

I think the baking for donation is a great idea! I may steal that idea at some point, as I'm thinking about entering a 5K in October that is a charity event. I just hate asking people for money. :)

Anonymous said...

I think that's a great idea! And way to go on 180 pounds!! That is SO AWESOME!!!

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