Mud Run Registration

Hey Folks,
just a quick post to mention my Mud run again. I have registered and there is no going back. If you'd like to read about what I've signed up for you can go here to learn more. My family paid my non-refundable registration fee and I'm not going to let them down. If you wish to help me fund-raise the insanity follow the link below, which will also be on the side bar of the blog until the run in May.
Ninja's MS Mud Run Donation Page
I'll keep you updated on the training, as for today I'm going for a short jog, going to try to do 4 miles in an hour. which I can typically do at a slow jog, fast walk. Then tomorrow is another 2 hour PiYo/Drills marathon. I'm going to do this, I'm going to be a runner and I'm going to lose these 23 pounds, maybe not before the run, but for me it's enough to be on the right track.


Anonymous said...

AWESOME!! I'm SO proud of you for signing up! You're gonna be fabulous, I just know it! :)

Mrs. D said...

I'm just amazed at your drive.. I'd love to be a runner one day, but still can't picture it! The run, the 23 lbs- you can do it, just a matter of time!

LeAnna said...

What a great event! My sister-in-law has MS and we do our local MS walk and fundraise every year. I look forward to seeing pictures from your MUDRUN

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