Let Me Just Say

How freaking cute is this.


Booger says, "Mommy, I is hiding"

I went for my run last night, did about 3 miles at 4.5 miles an hour, good jog, felt awesome. I'm not even all that tired today, I think I am at the point (which I was convinced people were lying about) where exercise really does energize me. Apparently my gym has two 24 hour locations and on Sunday nights there aren't a lot of people (read: teenage dudes running 8 miles an hour, like, forever) so I feel a little less overwhelmed.

The plan moving forward is that on Sundays, from now until May, I am going to try to do the 6.2 miles at the gym. If I have to walk most of it, that's not an issue. I figure if it becomes part of my week, then on May 7th it will be easier. So Sunday (walk/jog), Monday (Piyo/Drills), Wednesday(elliptical/strength) and Saturday(Zumba) are my gym days.

The next few days are going to be hard food wise, early mornings and stupid busy days are going to be challenging with staying on the plan. I have chosen days with cold lunches and hopefully all will go well.  The first week of the month is always a bit of a hard time for me, my monthly caseload monitoring has to be done and it sooooo tedious. blech.

I have offered to be the DD at the Mardi Gras parade this weekend, I believe this will help me focus on the plan, and provide a safe way home to my girls. Plus, I don't want a booze bloat to screw up my weigh in next week. I made some really cool crafty sunglasses for all the folks I'm going with. It's my Mud run teammate's birthday so we are all going to hang at the parade together.


Mrs. D said...

She IS too cute!!

I think planning ahead to be the DD is an awesome idea- it gives you much more control (drinking generally leads to less healthy food choices). Enjoy Mardi Gras and get some photos of the glasses!

Jacqui said...

that is too cute!

Your gym work sounds awesome! Keep it up!

Bethanny said...

Lol at the teenage boys remark!

Julie said...

First, I read about the Mudd Run, now that is so cool and such a great cause. Love it.
Second, you are rocketing along there with your jog/running. That is so cool.
Third, I love your little ones hair cuts, they are such little beauty queens.
Forth, You baked that cake? WOW, it's amazing. I need something special for my parents 50th we are celebrating July 4th. Sure with you lived closer.
Fifth, some day when you have a moment please e-mail and tell me about Zumba. I so wish I could of joined their class this month.
Lastly, you are really doing so well. Keep it up my dear. Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment.
Take care and God Bless!!

als said...

Awwww, that's absolutely adorable! Love it!!!

Good for you on the running, and the plan! And way to plan ahead for Mardi Gras! Smart!

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