Various What-Not

Item 1: I went to zumba class last night and managed to make it through the whole class without fainting or wetting my pants. I think this means I am on the road to recovery. It felt good to work out, get a good sweat on(even though I hate sweating, it's somewhat okay if I'm working out and have a towel to catch the drips)I did cough my way through one of the songs about half way through but, I did it.

Item 2: Today I am rocking my new work out shoes. I bought a pair of the air pod ones that are supposed to have similar benefits to the sketchers shape-ups. I had intended on buying some expensive shoes but I found these on sale at payless and thought why spend more when what I wanted was right there?

Item 3: I received an award. Stephanie, my most constant and wonderful supporter gifted me with the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award. I've never though of myself as sweet so this was a welcome surprise. Thanks Stephanie. To accept this award I've got to tell you about 5 of my guilty pleasures and award this to three other people.


5 Guilty Pleasures

1. Yoga pants: I own 5 pair and have plans to purchase more this spring. I have two black pair that I wear to work sometimes when I know no one is really going to be paying attention to my clothes. They are comfy and snug and they show off the new smaller tush I am developing.

2. Bananas Foster Cheesecake. It's my own recipe and it's to die for. I serve it warm out of the oven and it is definitely not lo-calorie. But it's sooooooo good. I developed the recipe based on a sweet potato bake I saw once on Sandra Lee's show on food network.

3. Chips and Salsa: salty, crunchy, cold, nuff said.

4. Internet on my phone: I am connected to the interwebs 24/7 and it makes me so happy.

5. Jack Daniels: You know that song "whiskey girl" that's me. Crown Royal is a close second, I can drink both on the rocks, with soda, out of a shoe, whatever.

And the three Sweeties getting this award are
1. The Fat Mom
2. Kelly
3. Jacqui

These Moms are all sweet as can be and if you don't follow them you should take a gander and see what they are up to.

Happy Saturday All


Anonymous said...

You're such a sweetheart. You're very welcome. *Big Hugs*

Roxie-Girl said...

How did you like Zumba, was this your first time? I couldn't tell if you've been before, or maybe you are just getting back to it!
Either way, it feels good huh? I went today and sweat my butt off, my shirt was soaked! Gross!!

Love your cute blog, found you while blog hopping tonight. I'm now a new follower.


Dani - tkdchick said...

congrats on making it through your workout and feeling better for it!

Once I used to hate sweating but now I relish it, I know I've worked hard!

Congratulations on your award!

The Ninja said...

Roxie-girl: I'm getting back to Zumba. My class is on Friday nights and through Christmas and new years it was canceled, then I was dying last week so this was my first week back and my lungs are still healing, so I had a little trouble. But it is my favorite workout.

Dani- I enjoy the effort and movement but the actual feel of the sweat gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Thanks to you both for stopping by the blog. Wow I just realized I can type in the dark, Woot!!!

Mrs. D said...

Love Zumba and yoga pants!!! Congrats on the award, and glad you're feeling better!

Any my captcha for this is "cookin," how appropriate!

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