The Hits Just Keep Coming

Just as I began feeling like my normal(well sort of), happy, healthy self; I get whacked back down again.  While stopping for some lunch this afternoon I slipped and landed on my ass, in a puddle. The worst part is the fact that it happened in front of like 4 people. This tiny little man came running over to ask if I needed help and all I could do was laugh. If he had tried to hoist me up out of that puddle we would have both gotten soaked! I feel like someone attacked my tailbone with a hammer. *mortifying* I happened to have a pair of jeans in the car so I didn't have to complete the rest of my day with sopping wet pants. -great- but I did have to change in the car which is not easy on a good day but after falling in a cold puddle it sucks even more...I had plans to go to the gym today dammit! Now I get to go home and sit on a heating pad and take ibuprophen instead, frak!

On the plus side of today the jeans I had in my car were size 12 jeans that fit me, that's two pairs of size 12 pants that now fit. I purchased the cutest size 12 dress for V-day. It needs a new zipper but as soon as I get that worked out I'll post a picture of me in my new fancy dress.

Random Thought of the day: (inspired by the radio) Whenever I hear "Jumper" by Third Eye Blind I think of Jim Carrey in Yes Man.

Alright, sitting here hurts my tush, I'm gonna go get my crap done at work so I can go home and be miserable there. Hope your day is less of a pain in the ass than mine has been.


Amanda said...

Yeeouch! I'm glad you made it okay, and have total sympathy for the sitting pain.

Jacqui said...

yikes! Maybe check out a donut pillow until you feel better. I had to sit on one for about 8 months after my daughter was born, as I had some tailbone issues from her birth.

I can totally empathize with you... hope it feels better soon!

Ms. M said...

Ouchie! I've so been there. Fell in a parking lot (right in front of a restaurant window) when I was five months pregnant. Would have rather melted into the snow than get up to the staring eyes. Hope your tush feels better soon. :)

Robin said...

ow ow and owwwwww!! Hope you feel better tomorrow.
I am new follower... cant wait ot read more!
Stop by sometime.. :)
Congrats on the size 12. I cant wait til I am there!!!

Randy said...

This probably wouldn't be the right time to mention that it was about 80 degrees today in SoCal, would it? Sorry!!

I secretly wish I could scrape ice off of a windshield someday.. I haven't had to yet in my 39 years, but my day is coming--I can feel it!

The nice part about where you live is that people try to help when something like that happens.. over here they just point, laugh, and snap your picture to share with the world on Facebook. Anyway, take care of the coccyx and take comfort in your size 12 milestone! You're making it look too easy! ;)

Ice Queen said...

Awww... Your poor ass. I hope that it doesn't hurt too long.

Good thing you had dry jeans with you.

Take it easy and heal fast. *gentle hug*

Anonymous said...

Oh noooooo! Your poor tushie! I hope you start feeling better soon. *BIG HUGS* Congratulations on the size 12's! YOU ROCK!

Kelly said...

Use some ice too! Ice is excellent for healing--20 minutes on, 30 minutes off. (I used to work in a chiro office, lol)

Size 12's?!! Awesome. I wore a pair of 18's today. Definitely snug, but they buttoned and they stretched, lol. And I didnt look like I poured myself into them. Woot! I think it's a fluke, but I'll take it.

Polar's Mom said...

Sounds like you made some NSV lemonade out of hurt tailbone lemons-good girl!

Polar's Mom

LeAnna said...

Oh no! Its so great that you turned and negative into a positive. :)

Call me Ishmael said...

Ouch! I've fallen on the tailbone before and it HURTS! I got a picture of you sitting in a mud puddle laughing, and it made me laugh too! Thanks for that -- although I'm not laughing at your injury, just the image of you laughing at your luck. Hope the tush heals quickly!

The Ninja said...

Glad I could give you a laugh Ish,
Thanks for the concern eneryone. So much love for my tush! ;0)

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