B&M Meeting Mintues

The First annual meeting of the Bitch and Moan Society will now come to order.

The chair recognizes the Ninja, with a review of things she has to bitch about today.

Good Morning All. This shouldn't take long, it's not an all inclusive list, just some high points.

Item 1: I have so much to do and no clue how to begin, I am paralyzed by indecision and feeling a little overwhelmed. Now that the holidays are well past and I don't have any personal deadlines, I'm feeling a little purposeless. I want to do some crafty things, but I have a hard time doing them with kiddos around, they interrupt a lot and make it difficult to concentrate.

Item 2: I am irritated by my hair, I need something new, new color, new style, new length, new something.

Item 3: I have had a few days of bad food decisions, I have not had high calories but I've been eating out so the salt and fat are flowing through me and making me feel like a slug.

Item 4: Well I could go on, but what's the point. I need to get to work and stop procrastinating. I'm going to turn up my radio, suck down some more water and try to turn this day around, I'll probably post again later, maybe more whining, but hopefully not.

In unrelated News: there is a new radio station in town that might turn this day around for me. It's called Gen-X radio and listening to it is like being in high school again. Nearly every song has some great memory association for me, I grin like an idiot almost the whole time it's on.

Munches in the snow


Jacqui said...

I get paralyzed as well when I have too much to do. I never know where to begin. So I tend not to begin at all. Which is the reason my house looks like a tornado went through. Guess I just pick a spot and start. :)

Hope you get your day turned around.

Mrs. D said...

I have to make lists to get stuff around the house done (ADD much?), maybe you could try that? I get overwhelmed BIG time when I have too much and can't figure out were to start. Lists help!

Polar's Mom said...

New to your blog, but want to offer suggestions for your hair(because yes I am that ballsy, and I love a makeover for anyone, not because you need it!). I think your hair is lovely, it's reddish, right? But since you have fair skin with nice cheek blushing and blue eyes (right?), I think you could go a tad darker with an auburn semipermanent rinse, like Natural Instincts from the g-store, and it would look lovely. As for cut, I'm not sure which of your pics shows your actual length now...so I'll stop there... ;-)

Polar's Mom

The Ninja said...

Green eyes actaully PM, but I like the idea of going darker, probably will, Maybe I'll make an appointment at the beauty college and have some highlights done too. That always makes me feel pretty sexy.

Anonymous said...

Okay now ... breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out ... feeling better? :) You can bitch and moan to us anytime you want to, hon. I totally understand the hair issue. I've had the same haircut my whole life and I'm SO tired of it. Ugh. I desperately need a change too. *Hugs*

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, I've presented you with an award! :) Stop by my blog to snag it! :)

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