So Far So Good

Foods for the day:
Balance Bar- 190 cals
Progresso Soup- 160 cals
Yoplait light- 100 cals
Total: 450 calories
Water: 52 ounces so far.
Not too Shabby

I have an ambitous plan to get my shit together this week. Two weeks of holiday nonsense threw up all over my house. Yesterday after church I went home and washed every stitch of laundry in my house and cleaned out the fridge.(I got rid of the toxic leftovers). I cleaned out my closet, stuffed two bags full of outsized clothes and organized my closet. I cleaned my bedroom and set up the munches new bed on the floor. Then I did my dishes and went through my youngest's clothes. She is between a 24month and 3T in size and there are several things she cannot wear so I weeded out the stuff that doesn't fit and put it in a bag to take to my SIL for my neice who is a little over a year now and growing like a weed, but a very, very cute weed.

I was up from 5:30 yesterday morning until around midnight. I got so much done that it inpspired me to do some more. Today I am tackling Pumkpins clothing and the spare room. I need to get the hoarder-esque pile of crap out of that room and begin turning in into the guest room/mommy room it needs to be.

I have an office/craft space that is in dire need of a good clean out, but that will be a project for after I work out my Etsy store business plan. I am going full out crafty this year, I want to be able to sell fun crafty things and make some extra cash at the same time. Adding to the crafty insanity, I am also asking my cousins if I can make the costumes for thier girls at halloween this year. My girls want very much to be the Disney Fairies and I currently have patterns for about 8 costumes, so hopefully we will have the cast of Tinkerbell to photograph this halloween. I want to get the costumes done kind of early and do a photo shoot for our elders, they love great pics of the munchkins in the family, especially my grandparents. (plus I like to dress up too, so I'll be designing some costumes as well.)

Today has been a good day, nothing crappy going on, and food on target. Water is going in easily and I'm feeling industrious at work today. I think good days are often overlooked, not everyday has to be an amazing explosion of excitement, sometimes it's a relief to just have a solid, middle of the road, boring good day.


Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

Good for you! I've been doing the same thing at my house. We threw away 25 bags of crap last week- that's not counting the good stuff that we donated. It's insane how much useless stuff can accumulate between two adults! Thanks for the baby clothes- she needs it! She's so tall now, she can fit into 24 months! I love the Disney fairy idea- cute!!!

Ice Queen said...

Way to go on the cleaning and organizing. It feels so good to have a neat, clean organized house. And it is easier to keep clean, too. I am all for easier. :D

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it feel great when you get everything straightened and organized? I did laundry after church yesterday too, and even that small thing made me feel better. When the kids go back to school tomorrow, I'm going to be hitting this house hard to get it in shape again. Keep up the good work!

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