I had intended on creating a new soup last night but fate had other plans and Jeeves had a friend over, so I pulled out the one thing in my kitchen I have never used. My Wok.
(Please pardon the picture, this was post cooking.)

I have decided that I needed to get back on the horse with creating new delicious foods for my family and making healthy recipes for the Red Headed Step-Child Blog. I enjoy cooking, it soothes me, I love the chopping, adding, tasting, and creating that cooking affords. I also like that a bad meal can just be pitched, it's not like a craft project gone bad where you have worked for hours to create something horrid.

Anyhow, my grandmother gave me this wok when she moved out of her big house into her retirement trailer. I actually inherited many things from her during that move but the wok was the only one that had not yet been used. I got bold and used a recipe that Jeeves aunt taught me. She makes delicious Thai food and I wanted to create a healthy version of that.

My version of a Thai stir-fry. I used chicken, red chilies, garlic, evoo, cabbage and carrots.
It was very, very good, but Jeeves asked that I not use the red chili's next time, it was a little hot on the back end, you really could only feel the tingle after you were done eating, even though the picture isn't that amazing, the food was. Before the rice, the stir fry was around 200 cals, after the rice and a bit of sauce, it was around 500 cals for dinner, and it was a big serving. Very good, definitely going on the recipe blog as soon as I make it again and take a better picture.

I got to the gym yesterday, and after my 45 minutes on the elliptical I tried out some new exercises with weights and the exercise ball, definitely feeling the burn today. My heart rate went up faster yesterday than it has in a while and stayed up with less effort. I wonder if that had anything to do with how much harder it was to breathe. I'm still pretty short of breath from that cold last week.
It's going to be a good week I think, I am sleeping more than I have been and I think it's paying off, I got on the scale after the shower this morning and saw 186, if that was accurate and I keep up my 1500 with workouts, maybe I'll be a 185 next Monday. I'm going to throw a party when I lose 50 pounds, something tongue in cheek and hilarious, maybe an "Over the Hill" theme. :0)


Amanda said...

yummy! I use my wok all the time! I make all sorts of things with it. I spinach and mushrooms work so nicely in there for sure!

Randy said...

Nice, I made some steak fried rice last night in my cast iron pan--be thankful yours was only 500 calories per serving. I, on the other hand, used about a cup of oil in making my version, that my wife and mother-in-law weren't all that pleased about.

Listen, I have a tidbit of highly useful information that will make that wok of yours really come alive. Buy a propane-fueled turkey fryer at Walmart, but don't use it for frying turkeys--instead, throw the pot away and use that huge burner for your wok. I'm totally serious about this. Kitchen stoves don't put out anywhere near the amount of heat that is necessary for Chinese cooking. I tried this and was flabbergasted how delicious the food tasted when using a massive burner under my wok. It cooks so fast that the food doesn't have time to absorb oil, so it's actually healthier, too! Hope you get the opportunity to try that soon!

Mrs. D said...

Now I want a wok!

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