Turning The Other Cheek

My right cheek hurt yesterday, but today my left hip, cheek and upper thigh are tight and painful. It's not as bad as it could be, I don't believe I've broken anything. Walking is a bit awful, but I can do it without help or screaming, so I'm pretty sure I'll live. Thanks to everyone who posted well wishes and stories, I think that's the most response I've ever gotten from a post, 11 comments. I am still amazed that people read this and are interested in what I have to say. You guys are the greatest.

I went to the goodwill last night and found this totally adorable yellow sweater. It's a large, which means it fits a bit tighter than most of my other sweaters but I love the color and it makes me smile, and for 1.50 you can't beat the price.
I am going to find or make a dress with some yellow in it and wear this at Easter. something adorable with a very full skirt and so many bright colors it will make Jeeve's head explode. He wears four colors. Black, Blue, Tan and Gray. When I pull out my red cords and 70's fair isle sweater his eye starts to twitch a little and it makes me laugh.
Something along these lines.

I took this picture of my weight loss log on calorie count, it's a really cool way to see how far I've come since I started this.
I couldn't figure a way to import the actual graph so I figured this was almost as good. Randy says I'm making this look easy. I don't know about that but I hope I'm making it look do-able. I think of the decision to change my life as the motivational ending in a movie I saw recently while channel surfing. You know the scene where the shopaholic realizes she can't keep spending and needs to makes a big changes now, so she auctions her crap and pays off her debt. It wasn't easy but it was necessary and it was do-able. I think of this as auctioning off my fat and paying off my debts to myself. What debts?
1.) I owe myself order. I allowed my home to become the garbage heap my body was, full of junk I didn't need. I am now flying and have cleared about a half ton of clutter from my home, and more is leaving every day.
2.) I owe myself movement. I love to move and had forgotten about it. I crave the movement I had been denying myself for so long.
3.) I owe myself respect. I have always felt sort of blah about myself, I'm not awesome looking, or particularly stylish. But that doesn't matter, I'm not what I look like. I'm a friend, mom, daughter, sister and crafty girl who has things to offer the world.
4.) I owe myself happiness. I sort of always felt like I was stuck where I was but that's not so, I am making changes to do things that I love with people I love.
Every time I lose more weight I feel like I'm closer to paying these debts.

What do you owe yourself? Are you going to pay your debts?


Mrs. D said...

I hope your cheek is feeling better fast- my brother messed up his tailbone once and it took a while :( hope that's not what happened!

Love the outfit- too cute! I may need to stop by our local GW or salvation army.. Replacing clothes is getting too expensive!

And what do I owe myself.. I love your list, and I'd add more time with my son. As much work as raising kids is (we love every minute of it, but it IS work!) I deserve to be around to see how he turns out as an adult/husband/father/etc.

Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

I'm with you on the yellow. I'm on a mission to add more bright colors to my wardrobe this year. I think Pj has hated what I've bought so far but he'll get used to it eventually. I just finished sewing one of those grosgrain cardigan tutorials- the one with the bee and it is SUPER cute! I'm working on the yellow one with rosettes, but on an aqua cardigan with white rickrack and yellow rosettes. *yay*

Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

LOL- just read your comment on my blog! I'd be happy to help! DO you have a pattern yet cause if not, I KNOW that I have several like you described! They call for 4-5 yards of fabric, depending on the dress.

The Ninja said...

I don't have a pattern yet, I would love to see what you've got, and there is a sale this weekend at Joann's, Simplicity for 99 cents, I'm so there on saturday morning.

The Fat Mom said...

I love love love the yellow cardigan! The whole outfit is cuteness!

I wish I could sew. I've been thinking about taking some sewing lessons. It would be awesome to be able to sew a skirt or a cute dress.

What do I owe myself? I owe myself a life that I'm proud to live.

RickGetsFit.ca said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better. Never had a sore cheek - but I can imagine it's painful. Cheers!

Roxie said...

I love that yellow cardigan! I really have to get in to the Goodwill and check it out.

Glad your heiny is feeling better :)

Anonymous said...

I love the yellow sweater and you look absolutely AMAZING! One hot momma, for sure! ;) Hope your cheek starts feeling better soon. Tell hubby he needs to rub it for you to help it feel better. LOL ;)

Kelly said...

I can't wait til I can find clothes at goodwill!

Cute sweater!

Polar's Mom said...

Love that sweater-you can't beat that price with a stick! I owe myself some satisfaction...but I can't get no... ;-)

Polar's Mom

Randy said...

Nice graph! I don't do anything too technical to get mine in there... just a quick "print screen" then paste into MS Paint, then crop and save as a JPG. Easy peasy.

Happy belated birthday by the way! Sorry I totally missed that.. I guess I can thank my head cold for that one. I like the Patron tequila.. Jeeves makes it plain that he is a man of exquisite taste.

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