empty, starving, famished....freaking hungry!!!!

After seven and a half months of my new diet plan I am hungry. I have never felt hungry like this before and not given in to the urge to chow(probably the reason I got so heavy in the first place) , and since I started dieting I have not had a day where I felt as empty as I do today. I am snacking on veggies at 10am because I am not going over my calories today. I have a plan, and it's to be 185 by christmas and that will not happen if I blow this today. I have already taken in about 30 ounces of water plus a 44 oz slimfast latte. I should be full but I'm not, what the french?!?!

I have developed a daytime meal plan to get me through the next 4 weeks on the Aqua Guru's Challenge. This is something I can maintain because I have a much easier time controlling my food at work, I have a slimfast latte for breakfast its under 200 calories and is 44 ounces of fluid. I wasn't counting this toward my water intake for the day, but Allan says it counts...so, groovy I guess that means I'm extra hydrated. Then I have a  light soup for lunch and a protien bar before the gym. It works out to about 560 calories for the morning, which then leaves me open to either have a great dinner on days when I do workout, or a smart dinner on days when I don't. I typically make the soup, its a skinny soup with tons of veggies, but it doesn't photo well and I forgot it in the fridge this morning so my backup can of progresso light is on today's menu. I plan on keeping this up, even after the challenge, in the summer I'll have salads instead of soup for lunch. Skinny people don't eat ramen noodles or cheeseburgers for lunch everyday, so I won't either.

I also bought some new clothes this week, a pair of size 12 pants that don't fit and a few shirts that do fit, I have officially sold my apartment in frump-town. I bought some boots for 5 dollars at the Salvation Army and they are brand new, still had tags!!! This is me in my office this morning. I have been in this ffice for over a year and have yet to decorate my side of the room, I'm going to change that. After the holidays when I can craft for myself without feeling guilty I am going to make some decorations.


Erin said...

I think the winter cold gives me the extra munchies. I've been doing so well for weeks and weeks, but yesterday, I just had the urge to stuff my face with everything in the house, then go next door and ask if they had anything.

Maybe it's the remainder of instinct passed down from my distant ancestors who had to store up extra fat for the harsh winter.

Keep up the good work; you're doing really well!

Crazy Fat Girl said...

How do you make this slim fast latte you speak of?

Yes, me so hungry!!!

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