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I really don't have anything witty or exiting to say today. It's Monday and I'm at work, which is a drag. I worked hard on Christmas stuff this weekend including putting up my tree

I am in the midst of completing about four hundred projects for gift and as soon as they are complete I will be posting some photos. Feeling a bit frazzled today, much to do and very little will to complete it. I had a high salt weekend, calorically not bad, but the water I am retaining could probably fill a baby pool. So I'm guzzling today and have taken a water pill because I'm uncomfortable. I sort of had a final drinking hurrah on saturday. I have decided that booze is bad for this diet, so until I get to my goal I am going to limit myself to one drink if I'm at a party or something, and no drinks otherwise. Why ask for trouble right?
I'll leave you all with this really cool shot of the tree, I -love- my new camera.


Anonymous said...

Your tree is gorgeous! And I love the dresses too. So adorable! Great job!

The Fat Mom said...

I'm trying to teach myself to sew....ummmmm it's not really working out. I love the pretty dresses. And your tree is awesome!!!

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