Lady Bits Doctor

I had my yearly appointment today and it was...un-eventful. Everything is normal provided my blood tests come back normal as well. I'm glad that's over with. I hate that appointment.

My head feels much better today. Thanks for the well wishes Stephanie! A diet energy drink helped me get through the little bit of leftover pain this morning and now I'm doing much better. I typically avoid energy drinks, I used to have a 2-4 a day habit, which I broke when I went cold turkey for 6 months in 2009. My morning coffee is usually enough to keep the headaches at bay, but yesterday I forgot coffee, suck!

My weigh in today was still 191, I know I have been under 1500 calories all week, because I've had no appetite, and I've been working out regularly. So, I'm not sure why I haven't lost more. Maybe what I did eat was just too full of salt that I'm still retaining water, even though I'm guzzling like a gallon a minute.  Whatever, I'm still losing and my clothes keep fitting better so I must be doing something right. I got  new cup, it's a 52 ounce behemoth and two of them make up my fluid intake for the day, but today I've been through three of them, and I don't even feel water-logged anymore. It feels normal.

I spoke with the MD today about my weight loss, she said that what I'm doing is exactly what I should be doing. I even asked if 100 plus ounces of fluids a day was too much and she said no, in fact your body needs fluid to work properly. It felt nice to be validated by a medical professional. She also said I'm good to go to have baby #3, I asked about dieting while preggers and she said I'd have to increase my calories to 1800, but at that amount I can still lose. She also said I can keep working out, I've been doing it long enough that it's part of my routine and not doing it would cause more harm.

I have lost 41 pounds, and I am never going to see them again, because I have changed my life, and even though yesterday was questionable; I feel amazing.


Hally Bell said...

Ninja- I hear you on that retaining water thing. Mom mom swears by a cup of green tea everyday, and since I'm sitting sit on my weight loss too I'm thinking about getting some. Hope that helps!

Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

Her scale lies like a dog! I went to my regular doc and to her on the same day and within 2 hours, I "gained" 3 pounds even though I didn't eat or drink much of anything. She's an awesome doc, isn't she? I told her I was bellydancing and doing yoga while I was pregnant last time and she said "good for you! Your body knows what it can handle better than anything else, so exercise is just fine!"

Anonymous said...

41 pounds is SO awesome!! I'm very, very proud of you, and I'm glad you're feeling better now. By the way, I hate those appointments too. LOL

gracies tough journey said...

41 lbs is great. It sounds like you have a great MD. I too, get headaches when I dont have my coffee, and I usually only have just one. Goodluck on baby # 3. Gracie

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