Ninja and the terrible, horrible, no good, really bad day

8am-12pm: sewing christmas gifts, and downing water, no food
12pm-2pm: Made skinny soup, had the annual holiday "I'm too damned busy for my own freaking life" meltdown, and cleaned the kitchen.
2pm-4pm:Light snack of popcorn and crystal light, followed by vacuuming up the giant bag of popcorn the munches had strewn about the living room.
4pm: realized I'd had no caffeine for the day when the first wave of dizziness hit
4:15 till now, ridiculous, nausea inducing, pass out when i get upright pain that has spread to the point that it hurts to swallow. That, and a big salad for dinner.

I sort of want to die now, but instead I'm going to down some naproxen and go to sleep, and hope to Jesus this breaks before tomorrow.


Erin said...

So we went to a fundraiser on Friday that was trivia - and I totally knew the original owner of this post's title to get us the points.

Anonymous said...

I hope you start feeling better real soon! *BIG HUGS*

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